Plastic 61

Heero was becoming fairly skilled at getting rid of Wufei. Wednesday’s encounter seemed as if Wufei wanted it to involve a discussion of Star Wars and probably its merits relative to Star Trek… but, although Heero was a good deal more familiar with one than the other and might at least have known what Duo and Wufei were arguing here, he discovered to his great surprise that Duo was almost entirely ignorant of Star Wars.

So, as Heero really only knew Star Wars casually and couldn’t hope to meet Wufei in a discussion of it, he disentangled himself from the conversation with what he thought was growing expertise.

This necessitated Heero clarifying the whole Star Wars thing to Duo at lunch, as Duo, though he had, of course, heard of it, wasn’t even certain how many movies there were. He got very excited upon learning there were six, and eventually, smiling, Heero promised to rent them all for him to watch. After this their conversation drifted into comfortable silence.

He imagined Duo, once the curse was broken and he had freedom of movement and of choice, tracking down every single sci-fi movie he’d never seen. Actually, there were a lot of things he could imagine Duo doing as a non-doll, and some of them seemed mutually exclusive.

With this in mind, Heero eventually asked idly, “So what will you do when you’re human again?”

He’d been expecting Duo to mention, if not all the movies he planned on watching, at least the foods he planned on eating and the sleep he planned on getting; Duo’s actual answer, “Move in with Trowa, I guess,” was something of an unpleasant surprise. “I can’t wait to see that weird house of his,” Duo went on with discouraging enthusiasm. “Quatre says he’s still got a Victrola. And you’ll be glad to have me out of your hair, too.”

Feeling that some response was required, Heero muttered something about Duo being no trouble.

“Oh, bullshit,” was Duo’s relatively cheerful reply. “You’re a trooper, but don’t think I can’t see how much this sucks for you. I’ll be buying you lunch every day for a year, remember?”

It occurred to Heero that, if hearing Duo talk about Trowa was bothering him now, a human Duo, affable and oblivious and flirtatious and probably extremely hot and still talking about Trowa, would drive him right over the edge. How in the world was he going to deal with this once Duo’s curse was broken? Would it even be possible for him to be around Duo at that point?

“That was just a joke,” he said, more shortly than he’d intended. “You don’t really have to do that.”

“Oh, I… OK.” Duo seemed a little surprised at this, but recovered almost immediately. “Since when do you make jokes?”

“It does happen sometimes.”

“Well, good. Good to know.” And they drifted again, though this silence was, at least to Heero, far less comfortable.

It was easier to make it back to work in a timely fashion after an exchange like that. He’d been pleased with himself for leaving to go to lunch and getting back from it on time every day so far this week, but today he could hardly take any credit for it, and there was no pleasure in it.

He thought Quatre must still be having a hard time with punctuality, though — and no wonder, if he was making a twenty-minute drive to Heero’s apartment and another one back — and today seemed to be no exception, as the email Heero received from him that afternoon came at around two thirty. The subject read, Personal stuff I probably shouldn’t be emailing you about at work, at which Heero smiled faintly as he opened the message. Then the latter started out with, Insofar as the word applies, Trowa and I are now dating, and Heero got no farther than this for a very long time.

Stunned, he read that line over and over and over until eventually the symbols on the screen in front of his eyes lost all meaning, after which he simply sat and stared. Finally, though, dragging himself out of that red-hot rut, he forced his eyes and brain to concentrate, and read on.

This started last Tuesday, and I’m sorry I haven’t let you know sooner. I’ve meant to tell you every single day, but I didn’t think it was a good idea to announce right in front of Duo that it’s OK for you to put the moves on him, and when you two weren’t around I’ll admit it just slipped my mind. Please understand that I was distracted, not indifferent.

Trowa says that he and Duo were in love in the 20’s (god, that’s strange to write), and that the whole argument that started all of this was about each other, not about the woman. But they were never actually together, and it’s all over now.

So my point is that I hope things go as well for you as they are for me.


Heero sat back. He restrained himself with an iron will from looking down at Duo, who would surely remark upon it if Heero turned a shocked and horrified gaze on him.

Trowa and I are now dating.

He and Duo were in love in the 20’s.

“Move in with Trowa, I guess.”

He remembered what Duo had told him about Trowa on Saturday: “He seemed really… agitated. But not in a bad way. He didn’t tell me anything that would explain it.” Well, now Heero had the explanation.

Quatre may have thought he was giving Heero good news and a green flag; not having spent nearly as much time with Duo, he couldn’t have known the burden he was placing on his friend’s shoulders. Because this was obviously going to be just as much news to Duo as it was to Heero, and not the good kind.

But they were never actually together, and it’s all over now.

Could Quatre really know that? Heero found himself grinding his teeth. He had a feeling Trowa understood the situation better than Quatre did; Trowa must be aware of how Duo still felt about him, or else why hadn’t he mentioned his involvement with Quatre on one of the several occasions when he’d talked to Duo since last Tuesday? He knew — he knew, and he’d been too cowardly to say anything about it.

Unfortunately, this was a cowardice that Heero could easily comprehend. Duo had been waiting so long, putting that cheerful face on just about the worst situation Heero could imagine, probably staving off insanity only with the hope that he and Trowa would someday be together again… how on earth could you tell someone in such a predicament that the man he’d been waiting for, putting all his hope in, faithfully thinking of for eighty-seven years… the man he was in love with… had abandoned him for someone else?

And how on earth had it fallen to Heero’s lot to be the one to tell him?

He did spare a thought or two for Quatre, wondering vaguely whether this would turn out well for him. Quatre had a history of attracting emotionally high-maintenance guys that wanted their lives lived for them — people with huge issues they weren’t willing even to attempt to solve for themselves, boyfriends that would request Quatre’s presence at any inconvenient time for support and comfort but offered very little (if anything) in return… Heero couldn’t help feeling some doubt that Trowa would be any better than the previous lineup.

But Quatre could — and did — take care of himself. Heero couldn’t dwell on this subject long, since the issue of the doll sitting on the desk beside him was nearly all-consuming. He risked a look down at Duo, who at that moment happened to have his head turned in another direction and didn’t see, and felt his heart clench with a stabbing sense of pity and sorrow. He couldn’t do it; he couldn’t bring himself to hurt Duo by telling him this news. It had to be done, of course, but right now, today, Heero was certain he could not manage it.

“Move in with Trowa, I guess.”

What was he going to do about this?

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17 thoughts on “Plastic 61

  1. You are so evil. Although, I think you did warn me that you could drag the angst out. I believe you now.

    It’s going to be interesting to see Quatre’s reaction when he finds out that Heero hasn’t said anything to Duo. I hope Heero doesn’t put that talk off too long.

    1. Yes… yes, I am. And I’m not even terribly sorry XD

      If you think about Quatre (at least the way I’m writing him here), you can probably guess what he’ll say when he finds out. Ah, these silly, silly boys…

      Thanks for your comments, as always! :D

  2. Awwwwwwwww. *drags out the soft-eyed icon* Wow, you hold no punches when you write angst. I’m actually impressed. *smile* At first, I was thinking that an email is rather impersonal to give such news, but then I realized that Quatre really doesn’t have a way to speak to Heero privately without Duo hearing.

    And now Heero’s going to have even more to brood over. *shakes head* I believe, if anything, this is an excellent reason to leave work early for the day. Poor Heero.

    And Duo’s response of “Move in with Trowa” was great – I actually winced for Heero there! Duo’s so clueless about Heero’s feelings. (Silly boys… there’s this thing called “communication” that really helps you avoid these kind of things!! XD) ^_______________^

    1. I’m fond of angst as long as it ends happily. This isn’t really very heavy stuff, though XD

      Yeah, Quatre could have called Heero, but then he’d have no way of knowing whether or not Duo could hear him. And it probably turned into one of those situations where he was actually thinking quite a bit of the time, I should really tell Heero about me and Trowa, but only at moments when it was impossible (at least by his self-imposed restrictions) for him to do so.

  3. I suppose the best that can be said for this situation is: at least we now know Trowa’s not interested in Duo. :DDD I’m curious to see what this little announcement could (will?) do to Heero and Quatre’s friendship. It could be nothing, but Heero could also resent Quatre’s treating of Duo as cruel (and especially if Quatre will be seeing a lot less of Heero for various reasons, the new locus to which his closet door now opens being chief among them)

    Ahh, poor Heero… eventually, he’ll get his.

    But until it’s immortalized in the digital pages of LJ, I’ll just merrily imagine Duo’s first act as a real human is to give Heero a big kiss to say thank you. And “buying lunch” shall be a euphemism for “undying love and affection” XD

    1. When it comes to the Heero/Quatre friendship, the bright side is that Heero’s pretty well just as distracted as Quatre is, if not so happily. He’s like DUO DUO DUO and Quatre’s like TROWA TROWA TROWA and they can just peacefully ignore each other for a while XD

      I totally love the idea of “buying lunch” equaling “undying love and affection.” I love it so much I may have to work it into the hypothetical sequel.

  4. / And the email!
    I know Heero feels bad but I’m excited to see him get the green flag. :D And you do regular updates so the cliffhanger isn’t that bad. XD

    SO looking forward to more.

    1. Yeah, it’s a step in the right direction, even if Heero is still misconceiving. We’ll get them all where they need to be eventually! :D Thanks for your comments!

  5. *munches on desk* OMG the drama, and the angst, and the suspense…. But SERIOUSLY?! Do you need to torture poor Heero so much?! XD Seriously, there is going to be so much pent up sexual frustration, that once Duo turns human, he’s gonna spend his first week back in bed,with Heero, having wild sex XD

    And I LOVED Quatre’s little ‘order’ in last part 8D Ohhhhh Quat, you evil, naughty, thing, you….

    Just one more day, and a new part! :D *sits tightly*

    Edited to fix the typos XD

    1. Da ha ha, why are you munching on your desk XD No, I probably don’t need to torture Heero quite so much, but it’s hella fun. And your theory about Duo’s first week back human is a very good one :D

  6. Poor Heero. Having to figure out how to tell Duo that Quatre and Trowa are dating…at least Quatre made it official *snerks*

    The next chapter will definitely be interesting *hugs* Can’t wait to see what happens next! ^-^

    1. And you can bet that he will agonize over it for far longer than he should, heh. I hope you do find the next part interesting, because I’m excited for it! It’s one I like particularly much ^__^ Thanks for your comments!

  7. Wait, wait a moment? You got me! I didn’t think that you would twist it as in just Heero has the misunderstanding? Or is it a fact for Duo? Uooo! I am so confused nor and I have no time to read back on all the chapters. Kudos to you for keeping so interested. Love it! *^_^*

    1. Well, Heero certainly thinks that Duo’s still in love with Trowa. As for whether or not that’s true, I have no comment. :D Glad you liked the chapter, anyway!

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