Since my hand-resty days, stories haven’t much felt like being worked on beyond little touch-ups and a couple of paragraphs on Rose Pale. So I’ve mostly been working on getting my art reorganized at the archive, on account of I don’t like the way I’ve had it. I got to about the halfway point last night, so I’ve been working on it again today in the hopes of getting completely done. Of course then lj slows way way way down… *sigh*

Over the last several weeks I have been having troubles with a strange cramp-like pain that sometimes appears when I’m lying in bed. It shoots up the back of my neck and head, as along a vein or specific muscle or something, and is extremely painful. I had thought that perhaps because of my new desk chair I have been sitting differently during the day and something has kinked up that protests as soon as I lie down… but today I find that a strange lump has developed under my skin just at the base of my skull on the right. It doesn’t seem to fit the descriptions of a growing blood clot, so I’m not really sure what it is, and I can’t tell whether it’s the cause or a result of the crampy thing.

Unfortunately, I am dead broke, and I already owe money I don’t have to the doctor’s office for my last visit. So there’s nothing I can do about this for now but hope it’s nothing that will cause brain damage or death or paralysis or something. And that, if it does turn me into a vegetable, I can get all my stories done first.

I had this dream where I was in high school (not exactly an uncommon theme, there) and I could fly (which is another returning favorite). It started out fairly normal… classes, catching the bus, whatevs. But eventually, apparently, the school wanted me captured. I believe they wanted me to do something for them. They hired a mercenary guy, who could also fly, to capture me, and he took me totally by surprise and captured me right away. I got the feeling this guy was actually really nice; after he caught me, he bought me a nice meal at a restaurant that I guess was inside the school, and he was trying to make friendly conversation before he took me to wherever. We had absolutely nothing in common to talk about, though. Star Trek Generations was playing on a TV nearby, and we kinda struck up a conversation about that, but neither of us really had much to say.

So then I decided to escape. I distracted him somehow and flew out the window. Of course he followed me. He was a tall, bulky guy, and couldn’t fly as fast or as high as I could. Of course I had an altitude limit too (I almost always do, in flying dreams), but fortunately it was above him. Then I sort of hovered around nearby, because I felt bad that I was making it so hard for him to do his job… but I didn’t want to be captured again. I never did find out what the school wanted me for, though.

OK, that’s about all I have to say for now.