So that weird lump in the back of my neck? It seems to have diminished, and the pain is entirely gone. I haven’t had the crampy whatevers for the last couple of nights. So that seems hopeful.

My brother sent me Sixx A.M.’s new album today, and this song Live Forever makes me think Heero/Duo. Evidently I’ve reached that stage. What am I talking about… I hit that stage, like, a year ago. Speaking of Duo, I am drawing the most epic picture. It was probably unwise to start a tablet drawing so soon after a bad wrist episode, but it gripped me all vicey. I just hope I can get it done before we go… and then I’ll have several days of no large amounts of computing. Because did I mention? We’re going to Utah this week. I finally get to see Mostle’s house and her cat. Good jobon that!!

I had more to say, but now I don’t feel like it. So I shall work on my picture fora bit longer and then go to bed.