Yesterday and today I read a 13-chapter fic where Sano was in love with Megumi and didn’t get her… in the end, he was all alone. Of course you know what that made me think about. God, how I have neglected that boi — and a certain other too. So then I went through a number of the Saitou/Sano fics that I have lying around unfinished and actually worked on several of them. Among other things, I mapped out all remaining chapters of The Promise of Immortality; wrote coherent summaries of both parts of Blood Contingency; and got a few lines into the recalcitrant chapter 23 of Aku Soku Zan(za); but most of the work was on one-shots that I started at some point and then never touched again. I feel pretty good.

I dreamed last night that I was a guy with a baby sister. I was a werewolf, though I’d only transformed once, and some other, evil werewolves were after me to try to entice me to embrace my wolfhood. It was difficult to get away from them, but eventually I’d shaken them all except one. I knew he wasn’t after my baby sister but would probably catch me, so I handed my sister off to a couple of ladies that were sitting outside a cafe. I must have appeared desperate and pitiable to them, because when I thrust my sister at them and said, “Please take my baby!” they acquiesced in some surprised concern. Then two streets later the werewolf guy caught up with me and announced how excited he was to sodomize me once we’d both transformed into wolves.

The other day I got the pencil lineart mostly done for my Rose Pale chapter 8 picture, but I kinda hate it… I don’t know if I’ll be able to erase it sufficiently still to use the paper. I only have that one piece of watercolor paper left. Gah, I need a job.

Now I will post Plastic and go to bed.