New job seems like it’s going to be pretty awesome. First off, I get to wear tank tops if I want because it’s 90° in there (and that’s the room where the dryers and irons and shit aren’t). Secondly, all the customers I encountered today were perfectly friendly. Thirdly, in between aforementioned, there were long periods of standing around getting paid to do nothing; the gal I worked with today recommended I bring a book, but it seems much more productive to write one. Fourthly, the work is not difficult; I think tomorrow I will be able to manage most things without any help. FIFTHLY IT SMELLS GOOD.

So I’ve caught up on the Loveless chapters that are currently up at mangareader. I think the series has gotten rather tedious, but I’ll keep following it for a while in case anything interesting starts happening. Rare updates may make it more tolerable than reading it all at once.

I worked a little on my music video earlier, on account of having listened to the song about eight times in a row on the way to Wal-Mart and back and missing the project. I need to grab more footage, though, which is soOoOo tiresome. The video editing is the fun part; fast-forwarding through episodes and deciding what footage to use is the extremely boring part that drags the entire thing out to take, like, a year and a half instead of a month.

After that (having reached a line of the song for which I don’t have footage yet), I erased that entire drawing I was displeased with from the other day. Normally I wouldn’t do that, but I have to conserve paper. I did scan it first, so I can always look back on its crappiness and remember how crappy it was. I redrew it, and it’s looking about a million times better; Trowa’s pose is more natural and feasible, and, though I’ve only started sketching in the… other character, he’s looking much more comfortable too. Now, if only the story wanted to be worked on. I’m guessing it will prove amenable, though, when it sees how much free time I have at work.

OK done.