I was so tired last night that I went to bed at 2015 and slept for twelve hours. And I had the weirdest string of dreams.

I had a tarantula (who may or may not have been my boyfriend Heero). He could turn into a little dog. He bit me on the hand, but not very hard. We were in the church building on Jamboree.

Then we were on vacation (various family members and Quatre and Trowa), and had driven some distance when I realized I’d left Heero (who may or may not have been a tarantula that could turn into a little dog) behind. So we turned around to go back and get him, and drove a bunch of scary roads in my dad’s typical scary way. One of them was a half-flooded tunnel that looked like a train was supposed to go there.

I was supposed to get some stuff at Wal-Mart for some guy, including new glasses from the Wal-Mart optometrist. The latter turned out to be a creepy pervert, and I rolled an area rug that was in the room had been badly rolled before. There was some other gal there that was also rolling a rug, but she didn’t care how neatly it was done.

As I was looking at glasses, I was actually looking through a little window into a room of an old grey house full of antiques. I was a troll that had been tricked out of something by eight-year-old Ramses Emerson. A crafty woman, Nancy from Enchanted, came up and started talking to me about how Ramses’ mother, Emma Woodhouse, had stolen her fiance (even though Emma was married to the Father of Curses). She told me this in order to turn me against Emma in addition to Ramses. Then she knocked me out. This was distinctly my favorite part of the dream.

I woke up to find a baby bunny in my window well again. This one is being more difficult than usual. Most of them are bored enough of the window well or curious enough about everything that when I open the window they come right inside, and then I can take them out. This one won’t come in. I have made a trap for him, but I dunno if it will work. I don’t even know how they fall in there. Cat, as always, is extremely interested.

I made pretty good progress on Rose Pale chapter 9 yesterday, and undoubtedly would have done more if I hadn’t been so damn tired. I should be able to continue today, but I also need to make sure I get my art exchange for this month done.