Plastic 76

Heero had accomplished very little at home on Saturday, as he’d been too busy helping Relena get some of her furniture to a consignment store and fondly watching Duo flirt with her. Technically Relena didn’t need to be getting rid of the contents of her apartment just yet, but she was so eager for her wedding and moving in with Colin that apparently certain organizational activities in preparation for that were sometimes the only way she could keep herself from going crazy. So, since she’d known Lindsay would be out most of the day, she’d bribed her brother with pizza to help her make sure the furniture she was selling was clean and in good repair, which had turned into a many-hours-long term of hanging out.

Ironically, when that little party had broken up, it had been so Relena could go off to the dinner with their parents that Heero had claimed a prior engagement to get out of, and Heero could spend the evening not having dinner with his parents. Relena had reminded him that he was going to have to accept the invitation next time or risk insulting their mother, and she threw a surreptitiously thoughtful look at Duo as she said this.

At any rate, this had prevented him from doing much at home besides wasting time and reading to Duo, so his usually weekly cleaning took place on Sunday instead. What he was really concerned about was the vacuuming, which he’d neglected for a while.

As he was getting this done, he came across the doll he’d bought off Amazon a couple of weeks ago in order to divest it of its uniform. He’d completely forgotten it in the midst of Duo’s excitement about the gift, and poor Spock had fallen to the floor and been hidden by the skirt of the sofa in back. Now Heero picked the thing up and looked at it thoughtfully.

“Aww,” said Duo, who was, as often, in Heero’s jeans pocket. “I forgot about him.”

“This one’s an ‘it,'” Heero smirked.

“So it is.” Duo shook his head pityingly. “Put a paper towel on that thing!” He added in a suddenly much-altered tone, as if he was seriously concerned but masking it with casualness, “Unless you’re just going to throw it away.”

Considering how unnerving it would be to see a body that resembled his own tossed carelessly into a trash can, Heero answered immediately, “No, I wouldn’t throw it away; it’s in such good shape. I’ll send Quatre to Goodwill with it; or wait ’til you’re human again, so you won’t have to go, and take it myself.”

“Oh, I think I’d be OK to go to Goodwill if you were there to protect me.”

Heero, who was playing with paper towels and making a skirt for the second time in his life, smiled at this. “You know, I can’t really see you as a damsel in distress.”

“Really?” Duo sounded pleased. “Even though I can barely even move on my own?”

Heero shrugged. “Maybe physically you need some help sometimes, but you definitely don’t have the personality of someone who needs ‘protecting.'” He was heading into the computer room by now, taking Spock to set by his computer so he’d remember to deal with it at some point.

“Well, thanks, Heero!” said Duo in satisfaction. “It’s nice of you to say so.”

Heero liked the way Duo said his name. He couldn’t help contrasting the doll in his left hand with the doll in his right, nor thinking in some interest of how much more real one seemed than the other. Even though he’d never seen Duo except as a doll, even though the Spock figure was modeled after a living person he had seen (on screen, at least), Duo seemed infinitely more human in every possible way. Heero could picture Duo as a human a hundred times more clearly than he could Zachary What’s-His-Name, and he was definitively attracted to one and not the other — hot though Zachary was.

He thought about Duo as a human all too much these days; as he went back to his vacuuming, he was dwelling on the image once again. He wondered how accurate it was. A week from tomorrow night, assuming everything worked properly, he would find out, and he speculated that it might drive him mad. That he would find Duo attractive as a human, whatever he looked like, he had no doubt whatsoever, and he was bracing himself for it. But he feared he could never be adequately prepared for whatever form Duo would present.

Once he’d finished dealing with the carpets and had put the vacuum away in the coat closet where it lived, he pulled Duo out of his pocket and looked at him.

“What?” Duo wondered.

Heero tugged on the untied end of the doll’s little braid. “Was your hair really like this?” he asked.

“Yep!” Duo sounded a little curious, probably wondering where the question had come from, but didn’t seem to mind answering. “I guess the curse liked it too, since it left it like this.”

“That’s a lot of hair,” Heero murmured. He hadn’t really thought about it before, but Duo’s braid went all the way down past his lower back; on a human that would probably equal pounds.

“Yep!” said Duo again, this time in a tone of great pride. “It was the envy of all the lovely ladies.”

“Yeah, I bet. I don’t think I’ve ever met a guy with that much hair.”

“Yes, you have: that super-gay friend of yours.”

“Oh, Zechs?” Heero hadn’t thought of him. “I guess you’re right.”

Deliberately to pet the hair in question as he’d once seen Trowa do Heero did not dare, though his hand longed to feel its texture again. And since he’d never braided anyone’s hair and really had no idea how, he couldn’t even use the excuse of repairing the failing braid. But his brain was flooded with images… he knew what he would be fantasizing about tomorrow in the shower…

“And how ’bout you?” Duo wondered. “Was your hair always all messy and stuff like that? Did you ever bleach it like your sister does?”

“The style’s always been about the same, but…” Heero grimaced slightly. “Quatre once convinced me to bleach part of it, back in high school. Just the top…” He gestured. “He called it ‘frosting’ or something.”

“And you hated it,” Duo guessed, sounding amused.

Heero nodded.

“I want to see pictures!”

Heero snorted. He was looking around now for The Scarecrow of Oz, since continuing to stare lustfully at Duo didn’t seem advisable.

“There must be some,” persisted Duo. “I remember listening to you guys go on and on and on about those pictures of you and Relena at your parents’ house; it sounded like there were about a million.”

I wasn’t going on and on and on.”

“No, you never do. But pictures? Are there pictures of your frosty hair?”

“Probably somewhere,” Heero mumbled. “Do you want Oz?”

“Yooouuu are being evasive. I bet there are a bunch of pictures, and you’re embarrassed about them, and I will totally see them one day and see how your hair looked.”

“I plead the Fifth.”

“You are the Fifth!”

Heero laughed. In actuality, though he hadn’t much liked the bleach effect in his hair back then, he wasn’t particularly embarrassed about pictures from high school — but it amused Duo to believe he was, so Heero let him think that.

“Oh, and I do want Oz,” Duo added.

So Heero, who by then had located the book, headed for the couch to make use of it.

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In case you, like Duo, are curious about Heero’s high school hair adventure, have a look at this excerpt from his senior yearbook that I drew:

It tends to be rather a matter of chance whether or not people I draw look attractive, and I’m often just happy if they look human. In this case, that Heero turned out looking not very handsome I don’t mind specifically because of Duo’s thoughts on the matter in part 74; Duo finds him attractive and doesn’t give a damn what the rest of the world thinks, so it kinda doesn’t matter how he looks when I draw him for this story :D

19 thoughts on “Plastic 76

  1. I want to see those pictures of Heero, too! Heero should stop and think about all the things Duo wants to do when he’s human again. It’ll take a lifetime, and Duo knows who he wants to spend that lifetime with. He’s giving clues, but I don’t think Heero’s really getting all of them. *pokes Heero a little*

    1. So many people expressed interest in a picture of Heero’s frosted hair that I went ahead and drew one. You can see it if you look at the entry again.

      You’re right, Duo is definitely dropping some hints, though not necessarily intentionally. He’s like I WILL SEE EVERY PICTURE OF HEERO EVAR WHEN I AM HUMAN AGAIN and Heero is like OH WHY ARE YOU IN LOVE WITH TROWA. Heh.

      1. *wolf whistles* I think Heero looks very good! I love the way you drew the picture to make it look like his yearbook picture. The hair actually does look cute.


        I swear, I love your comments back almost as much as I love the story. :-)

  2. OMG They’re so cute together. It actually made me kind of sad to think of Heero throwing away the Spock doll! Especially with Duo in the other hand! And yes, I too want to see the picutres of Heero with frosted tips.

    1. So many people expressed interest in a picture of Heero’s frosted hair that I went ahead and drew one. You can see it if you look at the entry again.

      Yeah, Heero was too nice to throw away poor Spock. Though it was more out of kindness to Duo than kindness to Spock XD

    1. I do hope that, when you do see them together as humans, you will find it worth the wait :D And don’t worry… eventually, everyone will know everything that’s going on!

  3. Poor Heero… even if he does love his parents, they are a major source of stress and (amused?) aggravation. I love the rapport between Heero and Duo and I find it interesting that Heero is thinking of Duo as he will be when he’s human, even though he’s not sure he can handle the awesomeness that Duo will be ^_^

    I wonder at Duo’s partial transformation; he has less than a week and a half until the curse is broken, yet he is still more doll than anything. When Duo wonders a few chapters back if the transformation would be all at once, I too wondered exactly how it would happen. I DO notice that he looks more and more real from Heero’s observations, so there are definitely changes going on, but frankly it’s going to funny as hell if there’s a sudden crash from Heero’s nightstand collapsing from a fully adult Duo suddenly appearing on it *sniggle*

    I also like how Heero draws the distinction between the real doll and Duo, calling the doll an ‘it’ but still not wanting to just toss it away. I understand that it’s a perfectly good doll, and the practical side of him would not want to waste money or materials but I still feel there was something a little disturbing to him about it, especially since he made him a ‘covering’. Heero’s good humor about it all (the whole Duo situation as well as the good natured teased) makes him a very likable character. I so love this series. I think I’m gonna keep telling you that *nods*

    1. Ohhhh, yes, Heero’s parents are a definitely issue. I’d go ahead and strike that tentative “amused” out of your description XD I’ve mentioned before that not all curses are magical; well, you may be able to guess what Heero’s curse is…

      Da ha ha, you are thinking logical thoughts about Duo’s transformation, but I have nothing to say about that at the moment.

      I’m glad you find Heero likeable! Duo certainly does too :D And, oh, really, are you going to keep telling me that you love my story? I think I’m going to not complain at all about that *nods*

  4. haha OMG I want to see a picture of Heero with hair like that xD I’m sure once Duo is human again, he’ll pester Heero once again for a looksie at the pic
    *snickers* Thanks again for another lovely amusing chapter! ^-^

    1. So many people expressed interest in a picture of Heero’s frosted hair that I went ahead and drew one. You can see it if you look at the entry again.

      I have a feeling Duo is going to want to get his hands on every picture of Heero once he’s human again, heh. And, really, what better to collect? Heero is so hot.

      Thanks for your comments!

  5. *laugh* I just love how they interact with each other. And Duo got to spend another day with Relena, another person who knows that he is real and listens to him. *smile*

    And the Spock doll! Awww, poor doll – it’s naked. Because Duo is so not giving up his Star Trek uniform. XD Now, my brain took this bizarre turn and pondered Heero giving the Spock doll to Wufei. *cracks up* I don’t even want to know what Wufei would interpret that as. XD XD XD XD *so amused*

    And Duo’s persistence over the pictures is adorable – I can already see Duo pestering Heero to do things “for his own good” after Duo’s human again. ^__________^

    The picture is very cool. When you said ‘frosted’ my first thought was “bleach blonde.” As in, nearly white. Just on the very tips. XD XD The picture makes it look like a much more graded effect.

    1. I mentioned that Zombie Girl and I were reading your reviews as they came in the other night when we were out doing stuff, right? When this one appeared, we were both like GIVE THE DOLL TO WUFEI?!?!?!?? Because that is pretty well the best idea either of us had ever heard. Therefore it is most definitely going to happen… in a side-story or the sequel or an omoke… it’s going to happen.

      Heero’s frosting may actually have been somewhat lighter than that, but there’s a limit to what I can draw and have look reasonable XD

      1. *squeee* Yay! You know, as soon as this story ends, I’ll just be eagerly anticipating the sequel. And any side stories will just be icing on the cake. ^_______^

        Besides, you probably realized this already, but I’m so in love with your poor, dorky Wufei. *laugh* Every time you put something new in about him I just get so happy. ^______^

        (And poor Spock needs care and attention that Heero can’t give him! I bet Wufei would even buy him a new uniform and a doll stand!! XD XD)

        1. I will warn you very strongly, though: I am terrible about sequels. They don’t often get started, and so far I’ve finished a grand total of one ever of the ones that have.

          Da ha ha, you like this Wufei that much, do you? I’ve been so mean to him, poor guy; I’m glad someone is so in love with him XD XD Seriously, though, how will he react to a naked Spock doll… it’s still just the best idea ever…

  6. Oh nice drawing ^__^! So true, what Duo thinks is what matters most, but I was thinking the bleached ends would be a little brighter/lighter. He looks like a sort of punk-beach hunk

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