Finally finished Rose Pale chapter 9, and now I find that chapter 10 is cooperating all of a sudden. Go figure. I still haven’t decided what to draw for chapter 5 yet… I want it to involve Quatre, but he doesn’t really do anything terribly visually interesting in that chapter. Or maybe I’m just putting off drawing for it because I only have that one piece of paper left…

Oh, speaking of things I wish I could buy, I get my first paycheck from drycleany tomorrow! Then I suppose I will find out how much they’re paying me XD Will I be able to get some more watercolor paper with this check? Probably not. Oh, bills.

I love IM’ing. It’s a refreshingly undemanding form of conversation: if you don’t have anything to say, you just don’t say anything; if you want to pick up the conversation again ten minutes later, you can do so; you have time to think about your responses, and you can look them over before you hit “enter” to make sure you’re not misrepresenting your own opinions; and you’re free to do all sorts of other things right in the middle of the discussion.

On the other hand, I absolutely hate voice chat. All of those freedoms I mentioned above are lost the moment you’re tied to a window you have to both watch and listen to. It’s worse even than talking on the phone (something else I dislike), because at least on the phone you have a certain amount of mobility. Oh, I know voice chat has its advantages — but none of them apply to me. So why is it that people must insist on initiating voice chats in the middle of a previously quite pleasant IM conversation?? I put my webcam away in a box on top of my bookshelf specifically to avoid it.

Well, although this scene is going extremely well and I’d like to keep working on it RIGHT NOW, I need to go to the library before it closes and then Wal-Mart since I won’t have convenient time tomorrow (on account of I WORK tomorrow). So off I go!


Wait… Is somebody going to make me a list of which Beatles songs are “classic” and which ones aren’t…?