Plastic 78

Traffic was unusually bad on Tuesday morning, and, even standing up out of his door and trying to peer past the other cars at one point when everyone had been at a standstill in the road for at least a minute, Heero couldn’t tell why. “Probably an accident,” he speculated when even Duo down in the passenger seat, who couldn’t see the congestion, noted how much longer than usual the commute was taking. “Probably going the other direction,” he added wryly, “and everyone’s just slowing down to look.”

“Well, let me look,” Duo requested.

Disregarding how it would appear to anyone that happened to have their eyes turned this direction, Heero lifted Duo up to window height and held him there as long as his second hand wasn’t required for driving — or what passed as driving in this stop-and-go.

“Looks like a bunch of cars,” remarked Duo, sounding disappointed. “I was… hoping… for…” He trailed off.

“What, an accident?”

“Just something interesting…” Duo’s tone was quiet and somewhat odd, but Heero had to put him down at this point and couldn’t really look at him.

“What’s wrong?”

“Pick me up again,” Duo ordered. “Like at the next light or whatever.”

Immensely curious, Heero did so, and, in response, Duo let out a long, wondering sigh. This was always an interesting action to observe, as it was purely aural: no actual air came from Duo’s lips, nor did his chest rise or fall with the supposed breath. At the moment, however, it was less interesting in itself than in its cause. “What?” Heero demanded.

“I can… feel… your hand…” Duo said, a slow grin growing on his little face. “I mean, there’s still nothing — it’s not, like, tactile… but I can feel the temperature difference.” When Heero had to set him down again, he went on in a more excited tone, “Yeah, your hand is definitely warmer than just sitting here. Come on, come on, pick me up again.”

As the traffic hadn’t really sped up, Heero was soon able to comply, and to observe Duo’s renewed grin. “Oh, god,” the doll exulted, “this is so awesome! I can feel it! I can totally feel temperatures! Ha-hah!” After setting him down again, Heero could see, out of the corner of his eye, little plastic arms and legs waving in excitement.

“It’s working,” Heero forced himself to say. “Six more days!” Mentally, though, he was reeling from the buzz he’d gotten hearing Duo talk about the warmth of his hand and being able to feel him; he knew Duo hadn’t meant it that way, but he couldn’t help considering it downright erotic. It didn’t help that Duo’s hands, and the warmth and strength Heero imagined in them, were a constant feature in his fantasies. It was awfully early in the day and awfully far from the shower to be getting aroused by the thought of something he couldn’t have, and he worried about this one in particular because he was sure Duo wasn’t going to let it go.

He was right. When they eventually reached their destination (it had been some kind of emergency road construction slowing the traffic), Duo proceeded to spend the entire workday demanding that Heero pick him up and put him down repeatedly. And, though the majority of his reaction consisted of, “Warm! …cold! …warm! …cold!” — which was too absurd to be arousing, though it was endearing — there were comments here and there that more than made up for it:

“Every time you put your hand on me, it surprises me all over again! I’m so not used to this anymore!”

“I’d forgotten how nice it is to be warm… not that the cold isn’t fun, even if it’s just for contrast, you know? Now, if only I could feel the texture too, it would be perfect.”

“I can feel it on specific areas, even! Like, I can tell where you’re holding me. I could always tell before, but I couldn’t feel it. Now it’s all warm in particular spots.”

Fortunately, Duo was too caught up in the interest and glee of the circumstance to notice the effect it was having on Heero, but a few of Heero’s co-workers weren’t so preoccupied. Among others, Dorothy raised one of her strange eyebrows at him when he answered only absently a question she asked; and (though it was difficult to tell) even Wufei seemed to be able to see, from the distance of his own private planet, that Heero was paying less attention to him than usual when he came around to find out if Heero had ever seen The Wizard of Speed and Time and relay his own thoughts on it.

The day’s tribulations didn’t end after work, either. Duo wanted to feel the heater and the air conditioner and see if he could detect temperature differences among the various rooms of Heero’s home. Most of this was far less maddening than the earlier comments about Heero’s warm hands on Duo’s body, and Heero humored him in the majority of his requests — but drew the line at holding him under hot and cold water.

“You don’t need a bath right now,” he said with a laugh.

“Well, do I get to take a shower with you tomorrow, then?”


“But I want to feel the hot water!”

“You’ll just have to wait until next week when you’re human.” Heero was really quite pleased with how placid his tone was in the face of the idea of showering with Duo.

“Next week when I’m human,” Duo sighed happily. “Can I use your shower then?”

That definitely didn’t help with the mental images, but Heero was again quite proud of himself when he managed, “Sure,” without any trace of unsteadiness in his voice.

“You gonna shower with me then?” wondered Duo next, slyly. And it was a good thing that such a jokingly flirtatious remark didn’t really require an answer, because, after the type of day this had been, Heero didn’t think there was any way he could have given one.

It got worse when, as they settled down to read some Oz before bed, Duo demanded a seat in Heero’s lap rather than on the end table. This was simultaneously exactly where Heero would like Duo, and probably the last place he should have him if this continued. Because if Duo made any comment about the warmth of Heero’s lap, the temperature increase was unlikely to stop there.

Heero couldn’t at first think of a decent excuse not to comply with this request, since he had held Duo on his lap before. He couldn’t bring himself to explain that, at this moment, having Duo there would make him feel like some kind of rapist, doll-form notwithstanding. What he eventually came up with — and rather cleverly, he thought — was, “No. I don’t want to read if you’re not going to be paying attention.”

“I’ll pay attention!” Duo protested.

“You can sit here,” Heero allowed, placing him on the arm of the couch and curling a hand around him for stability.

“Ahh,” Duo said, which was almost as bad as anything else. “OK. But do I get to sleep in your bed tonight?”

Heero felt himself flush, and wondered whether the heat would make its way down to his hand and Duo’s attention. There had been days when he’d wondered how he was going to get through the lunar cycle… at the moment he was just wondering how he was going to get through today.

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  1. This chapter was so sweet! I’m all excited for Duo, even if it is making things, literally, harder for Heero. :-) Heero was so adorable in giving into Duo’s requests, too. He’s such a great guy to try to make things up to Duo for all the years he’s been a doll.

    Now if only Heero would realize that Duo’s not being innocent or just flirty when he asks about showing with Heero and sleeping with him…

    1. …even if it is making things, literally, harder for Heero. Da ha ha ha ha. Poor Heero.

      And, yeah, silly flirtation and even a more serious revelry in his regained ability to sense temperature was obviously not the only reason Duo made those suggestions. What Duo was thinking all day is such an interesting thought that I may eventually have to write out a side-story about it. I sincerely doubt that the eroticism of the development was perceived by Heero alone XD But, then, everyone knows by now how I am about side-stories…..

  2. “Can I use your shower then?”

    well, the little voice in my head mentally replaced that with “Can I shower with you then?” but that’s just ole gutter-brained me (and Duo tacked it on the end of that little exchange). I love the pining and I’m dying for these kids to get together. Also dying for the “Duo fully reverts to human form in a bodice star command uniform ripping scene and the testosterone is just off the charts and they both just go insane with wanton sexgod desire right there on the floor of Heero’s office…”


    Now I’m dying to know where he’ll transform.

    1. Oh, they will get together so soon. Do you realize how near we are to the end of this story?? And I do hope the “Duo fully reverts etc.” scene lives up to your expectations XD As for where he’ll transform… well, you’ll just have to see.

      Thanks for your comments!

  3. This was the sweetest chapter! And such a contrast to the last one. It’s really amazing! :)

    Though poor Heero will soon go crazy from want XD I’m happy for Duo though :D I imagine how amazing it must have felt to feel Heero’s warmth after so many years of nothing ^____^ ♥

    1. Yeah, while Trowa and Quatre are off being morose together, Heero and Duo get erotic temperature sensing and suggestive conversations XD I am so evil.

  4. I’d be worried that, left to his own devices, Duo’s going to burn himself in that hot and cold water! Good on Heero for drawing the line! Hahaa, Poor Heero’s got a bit of a problem in his lap. XD

    1. Heero was probably just trying to avoid making a mess and getting Duo all wet with the requested hot and cold water. As he said, Duo will just have to wait the six remaining days until he’s human again.

      Da ha, a bit of a problem in his lap. Yeessss, indeed.

    1. I know! Only six days! We’re getting so close to the end of this story!

      What happens next? More people not telling each other things, of course :D

      Thanks for your comments!

  5. Latest comment ever! OMG I just love this freaking fic!! Every new chapter I get super excited. I read them as soon as I wake up (sometimes making me late for work… LOL) This was so sweet. I can’t wait to see what other things Duo will be able to do as the curse is lifted!!

    1. ^__^ I’m very glad you like the story so much! Thank you for all your comments! (Though I wouldn’t call the next day terribly late :D)

  6. *cracks up* Oh, all the innuendo! I’m also quite proud of Heero for putting up with it and keeping a steady tone and straight face. *grin* Then again, this is all contributing to Duo’s lack of awareness of Heero’s feelings, so… perhaps it would have been better if Heero wasn’t able to control himself.

    This is such a great development. *smile* I think I would have enjoyed Duo’s reaction to hot and cold water, myself. XD

    1. I know… Heero thinks Duo doesn’t like him, and therefore does his best not to let Duo think that Heero likes him… it’s a vicious cycle XD

  7. XD I couldn’t stop smiling and snickering through the entire chapter haha poor poor tortured Heero!

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