I still like my job. What an awesome thing it is to like one’s job. It’s been a little more humid than usual the last few days after several days of rain, and yesterday it felt hotter than it has yet at work. The thermostat reported 90° in the room, but it felt about ten degrees hotter. We are not used to humidity around here!! There is an air conditioner, but it only blows on one particular spot and the air doesn’t circulate. Which is fine if you have leisure to stand in that one spot, but the spot where I have to do most of my standing during most shifts is not that spot.

I’m honestly not even really complaining about this; I like being warm, and the heat is so shocking to customers when they come in that it provides an instant, easy topic of friendly conversation, which is always nice. It does rather sap my energy, though. Plus there was this fly that wouldn’t stay off my sweaty leg… but I still like my job :D

As of yet I’ve seen very little of the standing-around-getting-paid-to-do-nothing aspect of this that was promised me by my co-worker. I believe the reason for this is that I’m just not very fast at tagging incoming orders yet. She’s like whoosh whoosh whoosh and has them tagged and then five minutes of down-time before the next customer; whereas by the time I get a bag of shirts turned right-side-out, unbuttoned, and tagged (dammit, people, unbutton your damn laundry when you take it off), I have three more bags to deal with. Which is perfectly OK. I’m fine with getting paid to work, you know?

So at work yesterday I got an idea for a picture I wanted to draw, and then when I came home I started drawing it. And it looks soOoOo good so far!! It’s just the best feeling in the world when a picture actually turns out nicely, since so often they don’t. But now I can’t decide whether to color it with Prismas (which was the original plan) or with the computa (which is faster and easier). I’m leaning toward computer color, because I am lazy, and because I interrupted my Rose Pale chapter 5 picture to draw this and computer color would get me back to that sooner. But we shall see. I will get dressed and watch this week’s Tiger and Bunny and then make my official decision.