I’ve finally made it to Northrend. Bryn hit 72 today, which I think makes her my highest character (though I need to check Gartorion to be sure). I really need to get everyone onto the same server… Anyway, Bryn met Leryssa and was sent off to find Thassarian… and I was like, YES, I WILL GO FIND HIM AND DO ANYTHING HE SAYS *__*

Gah, if Blizz would just make Thassarian/Koltira canon, I would die a happy, happy, happy death and return as a very happy Forsaken. It’s funny… a lot of the time when I latch onto a pairing, I’m fairly content with subtext. Of course I’d love it if certain couples were canon, and I’d love to see official romantic material featuring them, but I can live without it and just write and read fanfiction. But with Thassarian and Koltira, for some reason, I just have this burning desire for them to be a canon couple. Possibly because so much of WoW and WoW culture is so aggressively straight? I don’t know.

I have gotten fairly decent hours at work this week. Three-hour shifts go by so extremely fast at this place, and the last couple of days have provided quite a few of the much-promised dead minutes in which to write. FREAKING AWESOME.

Speaking of writing, ASZz 23 is unexpectedly cooperative today. I mean really unexpected and really cooperative. I mean, like, finished cooperative. So that one person that’s been looking forward to the next chapter will have it at last! XD Now we’ll see how long it takes me to write chapter 24.

Yesterday nothing was being cooperative, and it was rather frustrating. So I decided to work on an MV… but rather than, you know, one of the ones I already have in progress, I just had to go and start another one. What the hell is wrong with me.

How comfortable Tokio looks. I shall sunngle her.