So I decided (yesterday, I believe it was) that I needed to rearrange some stuff in Rose Pale for a couple of different reasons, and I think it’s going to work out quite well this way. I am pleased. So now it’s chapter 7 rather than chapter 10 that I’m attacking at the moment. After a very productive conversation with Zombie Girl, I’ve got most of it pinned down fairly well, too. I also wrote out a timeline, because it was getting to be too much of a pain to keep track of it in my head. It’s all going very well.

Then I mapped ASZz 24 and 25, finding I absolutely could not get all of Sano’s initial dealings with Kenshin into a single chapter, even with Sano and Tokio sharing the narration of the events and this new standard of twelve pages. I probably would have been able to manage it if Saitou were in town, but it’s fairly crucial for various reasons for him to be in Kyoto at this point. So whatever.

I’m still hoping to move through the Tokyo events fairly quickly, though I fear that Jin’e will probably take at least half a chapter (on account of Tani being important later) and the Oniwabanshuu stuff may require two. Raijuta will be touched upon only in dialogue, though, I swear. Much as I adore Sano calling him “feather-boy,” and much as I ship Yahiko/Yutarou, that story is just not interesting enough to describe in detail. Which means that this arc is going to be considerably longer than the last was, since that’s already seven or eight chapters before we even get to Saitou’s encounter with Kenshin.

At the moment I am working on Heretic’s Reward. Did I mention I have a fantastic idea for a GW AU set in Akomera? *__* I love it. Currently the plan is to write Wintercease after Rose Pale (actually I’ve already started it), and after that I may have to do the cave-troll Wufei story to placate Zombie Girl… but this Akomera idea is so fabulous that it may worm its way in there somewhere. If I have free time at work today, though, I shall work on Rose Pale. I’d really like to be able to start posting it not long after Plastic is done posting, because otherwise I think I will have horrible withdrawal.

OK, enough about that. I don’t really have much else to say, though… Let’s see. I did end up with about $20 left over from my paycheck before, so I did end up buying some more watercolor paper. That is good, since, as I mentioned, I’m on my last piece from the previous pad (though the picture is taking fore~e~ever to finish). Today I will supposedly go see a movie with Zombie Girl after work, but only if she is not otherwise engaged. The End.