Plastic 83

Quatre forced himself to play with the dogs for a bit on Sunday morning before, pleased with his self-discipline, he headed over to Trowa’s house. There, after a long discussion about books, he chose one of the few Trowa owned that wasn’t in the unreadable magical language, and sat back in Trowa’s computer chair (dragged into the study for the day) to read it.

Trowa was once again making notes for his own hypothetical book, and it was pleasant to be able to look up and see him working placidly throughout the morning. Additionally, today Trowa finally noticed, for the first time, that his tea was a different flavor than what he’d been buying for decades, and Quatre got to tease him about that.

For lunch they had fajita steak and rice, which Trowa seemed to enjoy — but he seemed to enjoy it even more when, after they were done eating, they somehow (Quatre really had no idea how it came about) ended up making love in the living room. Then they finished clearing up after lunch, which process had been interrupted by the previous activity, and attempted to return to what they’d been doing earlier.

They found, however, that the fond looks they kept throwing each other for the rest of the afternoon rendered them absolutely useless at their respective pursuits. Finally Quatre set aside the book he’d been trying to read — it was interesting, just… not as interesting as Trowa — and went to join his boyfriend in the armchair.

It was remarkable how quickly hours could fly during the course of a conversation that was one third intelligent and productive, one third flirty and stupid, and one third kissing. Of course there was also an extraneous fraction in there somewhere comprised of the dark thoughts Quatre could not entirely banish about Trowa’s possible death, and, since Thursday, the possibility that the curse might not actually break tomorrow — but despite this, the time passed relatively swiftly and smoothly. And even once it was over, Quatre could still look back on it and work through it all again in his mind, if not with exactly as much pleasure as when actually taking part in it, at least with more than he took from anything else that didn’t involve Trowa.

But eventually, aware that he needed to leave yet reluctant to do so, Quatre slid out of the chair, standing straight and stretching slowly. “Well, tomorrow’s the big day…”

“Yes.” Trowa also stood behind him, and ran a hand up Quatre’s back to settle between his shoulder blades. He still moved somewhat hesitantly making gestures like that, but he was getting better.

Leaning against him, Quatre sighed, mostly in contentment. “I can’t wait to see you un-cursed,” he said. He couldn’t help adding mentally, Assuming the curse actually breaks, and you don’t die. Damn secrets.

“I’m looking forward to it myself,” Trowa understated.

Quatre’s backwards-seeking hands found Trowa’s arms and guided them around him, consequently pulling Trowa closer. “Are you nervous at all?”

“Yes,” Trowa said simply. “I never asked to be immortal, but I’ve gotten used to it… I’ll have to get used to mortality all over again.”

In one way or another, Quatre thought a little despondently. He noted, at the same time, that Trowa had expressed no nervousness about the curse’s actual end; it seemed he really did have faith that it would break tomorrow. Quatre said nothing about this, however. “I’m glad you’ll be mortal again,” he replied instead. “I’d hate to keep getting older and older while you stayed the same.”

“I’ll always be older than you, though.” Trowa’s tone was so serious, it was a few moments before Quatre recognized that he was teasing. Trowa was teasing him. Unprovoked!

It was difficult to keep his voice level after that realization. “But you always being older than me doesn’t mean very much.” He started walking, not really with a destination in mind but enjoying dragging Trowa along behind him. “I mean, I’ll always be older than Heero, but so what?”

“I’ll always be a lot older than you,” Trowa amended.

Quatre’s grin was now definitely sounding in his words. “That depends on how you’re keeping score! You were born when, 1898? And the curse started in 1923?” He laughed. “Actually that’s probably still older than me. When’s your birthday?”

Trowa had to think for a moment. “August twenty-second.”

“So that would make you about twenty-four and a half, right?”

“‘Twenty-four and a half…'” Trowa murmured. “It’s been a long time since I thought of myself like that.”

Quatre chuckled. “Well, mine’s in December, and I’ll be twenty-five then.”

“So I’m still older than you.” Trowa bent to kiss Quatre’s neck from behind.

Several minutes passed before Quatre made any further move to depart, and even then it was only at the sound of the clock; and after he’d been so responsibly keeping track of the time on his own, too! “I need to get home to bed,” he sighed.

He had already turned away when Trowa said hesitantly, “I wish… I wish you could stay. I know you have to work in the morning, but–” But he got no further than that, as his mouth was suddenly otherwise occupied.

Maybe Quatre had been unreasonable in wanting to hear voiced this particular desire; maybe he’d been asking Trowa to read his mind (something he knew now, since he’d inquired, that Trowa could not, in fact, do). And maybe it was silly to have essentially been wishing for Trowa to behave selfishly — to ask Quatre to stay even when he knew Quatre needed to leave — but somehow the lack of that request on all previous occasions had made Quatre feel as if his company was something to be enjoyed but never actively sought.

Someday, provided Trowa was still around, Quatre would explain to him that the real issue was not where he slept but how much (and thus the important question was what aspects of his sleeping arrangements might keep him awake); but at the moment he didn’t give a damn whether or not he was up all night — because Trowa wanted him to stay.

Eventually he drew back, releasing Trowa’s lips from the passionate kiss with which he’d enveloped them, and looked his somewhat baffled lover in the eye. “I’ll stay as long as you want,” he whispered.

Trowa looked pleased but a little confused. “Don’t you have to be at work in the morning?”

“Yes. But right now I have to be here.” And, taking Trowa’s hand, Quatre pulled him toward the bedroom.

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  1. I must say, I love love LOVE the way you write their relationship :) It’s interesting to see it as 4×3, since the popular (and my still all-time fave) is 3×4, haha. I’m hoping that later down the road we will see Trowa take initiative and instigate sex, even if just once. But we are getting closer, and that makes me feel warm and squishy inside.

    And I hope (damn my angst-loving, sentimental heart…) that we also get to see some form of outward expressed relief from the Q-man when (trying to stay positive here and keep faith that you won’t kill off one of your fave characters, haha) the curse breaks and Trowa DOESN’T die. I hope for tears of relief from Quatre, but I’ll take an omission of his hidden fears to his lover.


    1. Well, Monday is coming soon (story Monday, I mean), and then we shall see what Quatre has to say when the crucial time comes! Hopefully it will satisfy you :D

      Thanks for your comments! ^___^

      1. I think you need to post it NAO! :D I work 32 hours over Saturday and Sunday, so PLEASE post it sooner! :D Please please please?!?!?!? *puppy eyes*

        Need moar Plastic NAO!

        1. Nice try, but Monday is comprised of the next eight parts (if I’m counting correctly). It wouldn’t do any good to post the first of them early XD Yooouuu will just have to be patient.

  2. I love them arguing over which one of them is older. Well, not arguing, exactly. More like teasing. Whatever it is, it was very cute. It was also a nice way to get Quatre away from thinking about Trowa’s possible death, even for just a moment.

    I suspect Quatre isn’t going to be able to concentrate at work on Monday anyway, so he might as well have fun on Sunday night.

    1. :D I’m glad you thought it was cute, because I totally did too. Especially since (as he kinda mentions himself) it’s something so trivial (and yet amusing) that Trowa hasn’t really thought about it in a long time.

      I agree; Quatre needs to get what he can done Sunday night… Monday’s going to be hell on everyone. As we shall see starting RL Friday XD

  3. OMG I loved this part. GO TROWA! Finaly he starts to show incentive! I love how they interact, it’s one of my favorite things in this story. I’m sorry I’m not commenting as often as I would like, but I sometimes print out the parts to read on the bus, etc, and then when I come home I forget to go comment >_<

    I can't belive it's just one more day… makes me wonder… Will it all end good, and we have just a few more parts to go? Will the curse not brake this time? Will it occur that something more is needed? Or will it brake but we will get some 'after the curse brakes' chapters? :D I would love those :D

    Gaaah I can't wait to see more ^_____^

    1. Not just incentive, but recognition of Quatre’s feelings in this relationship. Quatre’s latest verbal smackdown really helped, I think XD

      I’m very glad you like their interaction! It’s been a lot of fun to write. And don’t worry about not commenting too frequently; I’m happy when you do, though ^__^

      And I will tell you: there are 17 parts to go. As for what they contain, though… who knows? Heh heh.

      1. I try to comment as often as I can :) I know how much it means for an author ^___^ And Also, I just like to express how much I love a story :D

        You are evil, you know that? And I love you for it XD I’m tempted to kidnap you and have you tell me… but that would mean you wouldn’t be writing and posting…. ah, decisions, decisions..

        1. I definitely do appreciate the comments; they make me extremely happy. And I’m very glad you love the story!

          It’s entirely possible that I am evil, but, given the geographical impediments to kidnapping me, I honestly think it would be quicker for you just to wait for the parts to be posted :D :D

  4. well, I’ve been curious about this the last couple of chapters, but *when* Monday will the curse actually break is what I’m all hot and bothered to find out about… at the stroke of midnight (and, hey, the lunar cycle is kind of subjective, depending where you are, isn’t it? that’s one kind of calculation I could never figure out: things involving the international date line type stuff)

    I hope you’re not offended (and I’m probably honestly only thinking about it since I’ve been rereading the series) but I can’t help but compare Quatre and Trowa’s age comparison and Quatre’s (however playful) lamentation to Twilight (ahhh, blasphemy, I may burn in hell for that). I wonder if it would have been more “meaty” to have added more concrete examples of HOW they “proved” their relative ages (as in stupid twilight). Like magic is firmly seen as a kids’ “thing” today, so maybe that could have knocked off 5 years of Trowa’s age and subtract another five or so for living such a bohemian life. Quatre gets to add years for being a responsible type adult with a respectable type job, but subtract a few for still living at home. That kind of thing.

    On the whole, though, I thought the description of their final whole, more-or-less worry free (haha) day was well spent. I’m glad they accidentally ended up making whoopie after lunch, seems like it would take the pressure off the end of the day and all that (although, part of me was like “don’t you dare come up for air til it’s monday! XDDD)

    And Quatre’s reaction to Trowa’s “I want you to stay” I was fatasizing about that from the very start of the chapter, so I’m really happy it got said. Let’s hope there’s a lot more of chances for Trowa to profess his insane desire to have Quatre’s society in future!

    1. When, indeed? All the guys seems to have tacitly taken it into their heads that it won’t be until late evening, probably because they are all connecting the breaking of the curse with the moon and most people think night when they think of the moon… but are they correct? Who knows?

      Hah! Offended? You have no idea how many Twilight references Zombie Girl and I have dredged up when I was discussing or reading parts of this story to her XD XD XD Trowa’s even as pale as a vampire. Your ideas for adjusting their ages made me laugh, too.

      Glad you liked their last day before It’s Time. Whether or not Trowa has that chance to profess his desire for Quatre’s company remains to be seen.

  5. Dawwww Quatre. Hopefully he’ll get his wish of Trowa having the curse broken. Very interesting…
    Can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings though ^-^

  6. This is so sweet. They really do make a great couple. *smile* The whole age thing made me laugh, as did the part about Trowa finally noticing a new flavor of tea. *grin* And of course Quatre would actually ask Trowa if he could read minds. XD XD XD

    I really enjoyed their entire interaction here – I hope Trowa has a functioning alarm clock that can be set for West Coast time. *smile*

    Monday’s going to be torture for all parties involved. XD XD

    1. I also like to think they make a good couple. Heh, and Trowa’s tea… Quatre was right: he doesn’t drink it for the flavor, just for the caffeine. And, yes! Anyone might be a little concerned about their boyfriend secretly reading their mind, but especially someone as controlling as this Quatre is XD

      Oh, yes. Monday’s definitely going to be torture >:D

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