After you’ve scrubbed boi, you’ve saved me, mah boi

Well, as Quatre said, tomorrow’s the big day… or, rather, the first of several parts of the big day. I can’t believe how close we are to the end. Have I mentioned that before? Probably. I still can’t believe it. One of these days I’ll type up my related long serious semi-rant, but not today.

I thought I worked six hours today, but it turned out they only needed me for three. It was quite slow, though, while I was there, and I got some written on both Rose Pale and ASZz. What is now Rose Pale chapter 7 is cooperating nicely since the rearrange, as I’d hoped it would, and ASZz 24 is also behaving fairly well. I am quite pleased.

Another thing that’s behaving well is this month’s CAX. I’m really happy with this drawing so far, and I hope it turns out as nicely as it has started. I don’t even remember the last time I came up with an art exchange drawing that I really liked, which makes me feel especially bad when people draw really nice things for me.

This evening I will supposedly hang out with Zombie Girl. Supposedly. As long as she doesn’t have a turtle with her and no random disasters take place. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. We’ll either see the new X-Men movie or that Harry Potter thing. Supposedly. If she bails on me again, I’ll just keep working on this picture, I guess.

Tomorrow I really, really must clean my room. The floor needs vacuuming so desperately, and I keep putting it off, but I just can’t anymore. Seriously. I will work on a dozen stories and pictures, but only after I at least vacuum, if not straighten up.

6 thoughts on “After you’ve scrubbed boi, you’ve saved me, mah boi

  1. So speaking of hanging out, I need to ask this before I forget (again)…

    Are you still planning on coming to the convention in September and cosplaying Trowa for a day? Cause I am still going as Quatre, and I wanted to know if you were going to join us :) If you can’t make it, I totally understand. It’s Sept 9-11. Just let me know!

    1. I still don’t know. Money is the big question! I’ll have to let you know closer to the time. You should probably stay on the lookout for another potential Trowa, just in case.

      1. :( But I don’t want a potential other Trowa! We want you, damnit! LOL. Well Clayton and I think it is a crime that you have never been to an anime convention, so our offer from several months ago still stands – we can help you financially if need be. We want you to be able to make it!

        1. Well, here’s the thing: if I don’t have enough money to buy whatever random crap I see there that I want, I don’t want to go, because it’ll just be torture seeing cool random crap that I can’t afford XD So it’s not just about admission or whatever. I’ma try to save some money, but it may or may not work.

  2. I know the pain of accumulated housework. This week I finished more than a year’s worth of filing.
    Seen X-men, it was so, so. Saw the HP end, it was so, so… they really messed up the book so much and the fact that they left out the elves issues out of the movies, they had to create the ambiance for the kiss. Sighs!
    Ok! Enough rants, hope you get to hang out with your pal soon and enjoy the summer heat. *^_^*

    1. I’m determined to get my cleaning done sometime today, but that definitely doesn’t mean I’m not putting it off again XD

      Yeah, we saw Harry Potter and I didn’t like it much. It had its moments, as they all have, but not enough to make me really enjoy it.

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