Well, as Quatre said, tomorrow’s the big day… or, rather, the first of several parts of the big day. I can’t believe how close we are to the end. Have I mentioned that before? Probably. I still can’t believe it. One of these days I’ll type up my related long serious semi-rant, but not today.

I thought I worked six hours today, but it turned out they only needed me for three. It was quite slow, though, while I was there, and I got some written on both Rose Pale and ASZz. What is now Rose Pale chapter 7 is cooperating nicely since the rearrange, as I’d hoped it would, and ASZz 24 is also behaving fairly well. I am quite pleased.

Another thing that’s behaving well is this month’s CAX. I’m really happy with this drawing so far, and I hope it turns out as nicely as it has started. I don’t even remember the last time I came up with an art exchange drawing that I really liked, which makes me feel especially bad when people draw really nice things for me.

This evening I will supposedly hang out with Zombie Girl. Supposedly. As long as she doesn’t have a turtle with her and no random disasters take place. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. We’ll either see the new X-Men movie or that Harry Potter thing. Supposedly. If she bails on me again, I’ll just keep working on this picture, I guess.

Tomorrow I really, really must clean my room. The floor needs vacuuming so desperately, and I keep putting it off, but I just can’t anymore. Seriously. I will work on a dozen stories and pictures, but only after I at least vacuum, if not straighten up.