So far today I am feeling singularly unproductive. Eventually I may turn on WoW and see if that can’t get me writing; as yet I have done very little. Hey, I did get my cleaning done the other day, though! Now my room is all nice again ^__^

Mmmm, mint Oreos.

So this past week there were a couple of days when the boiler at work went down. No boiler = no dry cleaning machine, no steam for pressing anything. So we were about two days behind on people’s dry cleaning. Almost all the customers were perfectly understanding about this (god, I love this job), and even those that were concerned because apparently they don’t own any clothes beyond what they left at the dry cleaner or needed some specific item sometime soon tended at least not to yell or insult us.

Then there was this one lady. To her credit, she wasn’t mean, just stupidly persistent. She was leaving on an early flight for a family reunion the next day, and apparently needed a specific type of white shirt for a family photo. So she’d bought this new shirt the previous day and taken it to a dry cleaner hoping to get it back the same day. We do not offer same-day service, but she’d decided that was OK for some reason. But then the boiler broke.

So here she is the day before her flight freaking out about this shirt she needs (that she bought two days in advance and then took, brand-new, to a next-day dry cleaner). Having three days’ worth of clothing piled up, some of it in a machine that wasn’t running, it was patently impossible for us to locate one particular garment. She was like, “Well, I’ll come back and look for it… I don’t really want to go through other people’s dirty laundry, but I need that shirt,” as if this was not only a feasible solution to the problem but a practicable threat.

When I explained that it was possible the shirt was already in the machine, she gave me this half blank, half disdainful look and said, “It’s dry cleaning… what machine?” At which I kinda stared at her for a second, somewhat at a loss as to how to reply. What I didn’t say was, “Oh, you’re right, ma’am, how silly of me… of course we just hang things up and clean them with our laser vision.” Seriously, though, what was she imagining? Women in kerchiefs gathered around a huge basin with washboards? (Possibly with no water involved, since, after all, it’s dry cleaning?)

Anyway, it wasn’t like she didn’t have a point… we’d promised the garment ready at a certain time, and failed to deliver, which was certainly our bad, regardless of how poorly she planned ahead for her vacation… it was just that she kept coming back and arguing after we’d told her very clearly how things stood and what was and wasn’t likely to happen. Seriously, she returned to the store and resumed the argument three times that day, and kinda weirded out the other customers that were present each time.

But enough about work. Last night I was telve million tired, but needed to stay up ’til midnight to post Plastic. And while I was waiting, I finished my July CAX. I am happy because it’s the first art exchange piece I’ve done since, I think, February that I’ve actually liked. That style is what all my Rose Pale art is in, and I’m just loving it to pieces. Oh, speaking of art, I really need to draw Duo sometime in the next (*checks*) eight days, on account of I’m going to need a new icon elsewhere…

That seems to be all I have to say for now.