Ah, livejournal is still annoying the hell out of me. I’ve got half a million things to answer and I can’t get at any of them. Well, I did manage to get some stuff to work on my dad’s computer earlier, but it’s a pain in the ass to do things on my dad’s computer, so I’m just going to wait until the diligent lj staff get things back up and running across the board. And in the meantime post like this, via email. Remind me, in the future, to set up kuroiyousei for email posting? I was almost frantic last night.

So I finally started a goblin in WoW, and WHOAH HEY THERE HETERONORMATIVITY. Would it really have been all that difficult to let the player choose? Wow. Anyway… my computer doesn’t much like running WoW on account of the video driver can barely handle it, and has a long history of freezing the game in the middle of important moments. This time, though, it froze the entire computer when my gobble was at about level 7… and every time I try to log in as that goblin now, it freezes all over again. I can access all my other characters, just not her. Either my computer is racist against goblins, or having a totally justified fit about the enforced heterosexual relationship in the starting

And now I shall go to work.