Plastic 88


Trowa looked up from where he’d been staring at his hands, which he’d withdrawn from Quatre’s, and this time Quatre’s gasp was audible. He reached out and took hold of Trowa’s face, and found in doing so that his lover was shaking.

“Trowa, your eyes…” This emerged in a whisper as Quatre stared in wonder at the real green of the irises, the black of the pupils, the natural shine, the sparkle of tears. And all around these… Quatre ran his hands up and down Trowa’s face almost without realizing he was doing it. He’d been correct in his speculation that the softness and smoothness of Trowa’s skin would not change with the curse — but the color was suddenly healthy and natural: still pale, but only within the range of normal coloration. Quatre would miss that faint glow, he had to admit, sickly as it had often seemed, but to see Trowa looking so human was heart-rendingly wonderful — because the physical changes, of course, were all secondary to the great, glorious point, far brighter than glowing eyes or skin, that Trowa was alive.

Trowa pushed forward through the boundary of Quatre’s hands and clasped him tightly. He felt the same as ever, except for, perhaps, a greater vitality to his movement and the strength of his arms. Quatre returned the embrace with just as much intensity, and was unsurprised to find tears leaking from his own eyes in his happiness and relief.

The excited screaming from down the hall grew suddenly louder with the sound of the balcony door sliding open, then turned to what from here was little more than incoherent babbling. It was definitely Duo’s voice, finally at a normal human volume again (though this was the first time Quatre had heard it thus). Slowly Quatre and Trowa drew apart and looked at each other’s tearstained faces with very similar expressions of happiness so deep it surpassed even smiling.

“It’s over,” Trowa said.

Quatre nodded.

Duo’s voice in the hall had gradually quieted, and now went entirely silent. A little unsteadily, Trowa got to his feet, and Quatre followed. Together they went to the doorway to see their newly-human friend.

He was easily recognized; in this form, his braid must have been three feet long. He was also completely naked, and very enthusiastically kissing Heero. In fact, even as they watched, Heero’s arms slid up around Duo’s bare back to pull him closer.

Now Quatre found himself grinning and inclined to laugh aloud from pure joy. He tore from the interesting sight, though, and, pulling Trowa with him, turned away. Looking as if he wanted to go back, Trowa began to protest, but Quatre interrupted. “Leave them alone for now.”

“But I haven’t–”

“He’s not going anywhere,” Quatre insisted. “Come on.”

Very reluctantly, Trowa allowed himself to be led across the room into his house; Quatre soothed him as he went, “They know where to find us if they’re not busy with something else.” Under his breath he added, “So much for Duo being in love with you…”

Trowa sounded a little startled as he requested clarification.

“Oh, that’s what Heero thought. He’s been pining over Duo all this time without saying anything about it because of that.”

“But…” Trowa’s brow furrowed slightly. “But I thought it was obvious that Duo was interested in Heero. That’s half the reason the curse is broken now.”

“Is it?” asked Quatre, greatly interested.

“When I cursed Duo,” Trowa explained, “I accused him of only pretending to care about that woman, of being fake. So the curse demanded that he genuinely care about someone. It had to be someone with magical abilities who wanted to see him human, so that their psychic field would influence his, but it wouldn’t have done a thing for him if he didn’t have that connection with them.”

“Why didn’t you mention this before?” There was, Quatre considered, something very deja vu about asking this.

“This whole thing started with me telling Duo what I thought he felt about someone. I didn’t dare do it again.”

Quatre laughed. “One of these days, all four of us are going to have to get together and make a pact not to keep secrets from each other anymore.”

“So Heero really believed Duo wasn’t interested in him?” Trowa came back to this point with evident skepticism, and maybe a touch of pity.

“Heero’s jealous in relationships,” Quatre shrugged. “Duo probably just mentioned your name a few too many times.”

Trowa nodded. “That explains some things,” he murmured.

By this time they were settled in the chair in the study, and now Quatre began kissing Trowa’s face in a clear but wordless change of subject.

“I suppose I’ll have to look in a mirror at some point,” Trowa said, and didn’t sound entirely pleased at the prospect.

“For now you can just take my word that you look wonderful.” At this Trowa made a skeptical noise, and Quatre laughed. “You never told me you had freckles,” he added in mock accusation.

“Do I?” Trowa sounded utterly blank at first, but then he went on in a tone of recollection, “I… suppose I probably should, yes…”

“I’m going to kiss them all,” murmured Quatre. “And later I’m definitely going to want to see if you have more anywhere else. Your skin is still so soft…”

“I’ll have to think about things like that now… my skin, I mean…” This was spoken in the same somewhat worried tone he’d used to reference the mirror. “I won’t be immortal anymore. I’ll have to start eating even more, and showering, and remembering to sleep… because the artifact will have to be destroyed, so I won’t be nearly as powerful. Which means I won’t be able to get the things I need in exchange for magical favors… Quatre, I don’t know how to live…”

“Trowa.” Quatre was simultaneously amused, exasperated, and remonstrative. “Why are you worrying about all of this right now?” He rose onto his knees in the chair and again took Trowa’s face in his hands. “We have the rest of your life to figure it all out.”

There was a long moment in which it seemed that Trowa was going to protest, go on listing reasons to be concerned about the future. But once that moment ended, Trowa’s brows twitched downward in what seemed to be a look of determination. Emphatically he said, “Yes. We do.” And, very deliberately, he pulled Quatre closer to him in a gesture free of any uncertainty, and kissed him.

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25 thoughts on “Plastic 88

  1. Another winner! This was also perfect. I couldn’t have asked for anything better than this. I love the physical changes in Trowa. I also love the picture. I’d want to count all his freckles, too. Have fun, Quatre!

    It was so cute seeing Trowa’s reaction when Quatre said they thought Duo was still in love with Trowa. It’s so awesome that Duo’s feelings for Heero were part of the cure to the curse.

    I love this story so much. Thank you!!!

    1. I redrew the freckles in that picture about fifteen times, and, though I finally managed to come up with something I liked, they still look a little more grey than I would like. EVEN SO, I am extremely fond of freckled Trowa for some reason. And I’m sure Quatre will have fun counting them :D

      I’m glad you liked Trowa’s reaction to the revelation. He probably forgets that what is obvious to him about Duo’s behavior (even after so many years) may not be obvious to everyone else.

      Curses are such finicky things, aren’t they? They’re like my own, magical version of narrative causality XD

      I’m very glad you love the story ^__^ Thanks for your comments, as always… now if I could just get the next part posted…


    Thank you, livejournal, for FINALLY loading! And thank YOU, dear Ms. Author, for this wonderful, WONDERFUL chapter! Perfect, perfect, perfect!

    1. I’m about ready to throw things at livejournal. Well, not at them, actually, since it’s not their fault… I’ll track down the Plastic-hating hackers and throw things at them.

      In the meantime, I’m very glad you like this part so much! Trowa is not, in fact, dead :D

  3. Awww, Trowa’s a bit slow on the up take XDDD
    I really enjoyed Trowa’s comparatively quieter transition to normal (except: no flash?!) I’ll admit, part of me feels kind of deflated with all the tension gone… and yet, everything turned out well in the (almost) end.

    I can’t wait to hear them all hash it out and get everything out in the open (like Heero discovering Duo was pining right along side him for so long, as Sharon mentioned in her comments). Quatre’s got the right idea, I think: no secrets.

    I was, however, wondering why Trowa would need to start showering again? Has he lost his magical abilities with the breaking of the curse? who’s gonna teach Heero how to boil water?

    1. I know, right! Dear Trowa, you’ve already had your big sex scene… let the others have theirs! Good thing Quatre’s around :D

      No flash for Trowa! Sad, huh?

      I can’t wait to friggin’ post the hashing-out parts. If livejournal would ever let me through…

      Trowa has not lost his magical abilities, but he has lost his immortality; and, as he mentioned, he’s going to want to destroy the artifact, which will make him a good deal less powerful. Whether he will actually have to start showering (or whether Quatre will just insist that he does so they can do it together) remains to be seen :D

  4. Live journal hates EVERYONE!! I was DYING to read this and it WOULDN’T LOAD!! But now that it has, it was wonderful!!! Trowa is so… cute. :) And Quatre really knows how to take care of his man doesn’t he? :3

    1. I’m glad you were finally able to get through to it, and that you found it so wonderful ^__^ And Trowa cute, ngyeee.

      Quatre definitely does know how to take care of his man. Going overboard with that has actually been his major problem with past boyfriends. Fortunately, since he’s gotten Trowa this far, Trowa can start taking some care of himself, and things will be awesome for both of thems ^_____^

    1. He does indeed! He won’t be using them during the course of this story, though. I’m glad you’re still enjoying the story! Thanks for your comments! ^__^

  5. Great chapter. Love Trowa’s eyes. Not sure if I dig the freckles. But it makes for a very original depiction of Trowa.
    Thanks for sharing. *^_^*

  6. Oh, My. God, FRECKLES. I have no idea why, but the very concept and the fact that Quatre now notices it makes this chapter so… POIGNANT! Detailed and perfect!

    I just adored this chapter! And Trowa finally taking a little bit of control at the end? Wonderful!

    (I wonder if he could keep the artifact around and still do some magic, hmm? It would be a waste to lose that gift!)

    1. I am so in love with freckled Trowa XD I’m glad you liked the inclusion of that detail! And the chapter! And Trowa taking some initiative! He’s getting better, you know.

      He won’t lose his magic when he destroys the artifact, he’ll just be a lot less powerful. And technically he could keep it around, but it kinda represents a really painful set of circumstances for him, and he’s also afraid of something similar happening in the future… so it’s got to go.

      Thanks for your comments! ^__^

  7. And I’m actually caught up!! You’re probably glad the onslaught of comments has now ended. *laugh*

    And yay! Trowa’s not dead! There is a happy ever after just waiting for everyone in this story! (Even Wufei. Although we probably won’t be seeing him for another couple chapters. *smile* A girl can hope, anyway.)

    Aha!! So more of the secrets come out! I had forgotten that Trowa was keeping the secret of what exactly it would take to break the curse. *laugh* Everyone was keeping secrets!!! I’m glad that things are working out for everyone. And Quatre wisely decided to give Heero and Duo some alone time – but I imagine that Trowa’s a bit disappointed that he couldn’t talk to his friend right away. (All in good time, Trowa. XD)

    And freckles! How cute! Trowa’s shock over them had me in stitches of laughter – he forgot what he looked like when he was fully mortal. And Trowa’s sudden worry over all the normal, everyday things like eating three times a day, and having to take a shower… oh, the horrors! *laughing all over again* I’m sure Quatre will find ways of making all those things enjoyable for Trowa. ^____________^

    Wait, why does the artifact have to be destroyed? Are they even able to destroy it? Gah, my curiosity has kicked in again. I should go back and reread your wonderful explanations about the different types of magic. XD XD

    Your picture of transformed Trowa is awesome. Now I need to compare it to the other picture of Trowa. ^__________^ Of course, if LJ was cooperating, I’d have a much better chance of finding it… *sigh*

    Now I get to be on pins and needles waiting for tomorrow’s update!! *bounce* So exciting!!! (Well, obviously… the update hasn’t happened yet. But at least I can comment on the final sections of your story after over two full days of attempting it!) Here’s hoping LJ is back to normal (or what passes for normal) so that we can all get our Plastic fix. *smile*

    1. Heh… I adored the onslaught of comments. I was out with Zombie Girl the evening when most of them came through; I have my emails forwarded to my phone, and every time one appeared I was like, “Oh, hang on, here’s another one! ^___^!” And we would read them together.

      Yes, Trowa’s not dead! It’s actually incredibly, incredibly rare for me to kill of characters, especially major ones, and I warn the hell out of people when it’s going to happen. He was never in any real danger XD

      As for Wufei… you’re right, we won’t be seeing him for a bit. As for the relative happiness of his ending… well, we’ll see.

      Yes, there were secrets all over the place! Which made me giggle my ass off! Almost everything is on the level now… if I could just get lj to cooperate so I could continue posting, we’d get to some other important conversations…

      Ngyee hee, yeah, Trowa totally forgot what he looked like before, and that he had freckles. I got such a kick out of writing that!!

      The artifact does not technically have to be destroyed; it just represents 87 years of suffering to Trowa, and he’s afraid it may cause another problem like it did before. And, yes, magical artifacts are pretty easy to destroy… physically, anyway… there just might maybe possibly be sequelly magical repercussions to its destruction, though. Oops, did I just say that? Consider yourself teased.

      I’m glad you like the Trowa picture. I redrew the freckles about a million times, and they still turned out looking greyer than I’d like… but in general I’m really pleased with it. As you may have noticed, it is indeed the same picture as the one in part 24.

      OK… thanks for your comments, as always! I’m working on replying to all of them, and once that’s done I’m going to mess around with creative methods of posting in an attempt to get the next damn part up.

      1. Yay, I’m glad the comments were fun for you to read – I sure did have fun catching up on all those parts. ^______^ That’s cool that your friend was there and you were both enjoying the feedback.

        Thanks for the link to the picture, I can now compare the two side by side. *grin*

  8. I just wanted to tell you that the last couple chapters have been absolutely fantastic! and I did manage to read them despite LJ’s trouble. May you read this hopefully before it crashes. ^^;;

    1. I’m so glad you’ve liked these recent chapters, and that you’ve been able to get at them with lj the way it’s been. Now if I can just get the next part posted…

    1. It took a while for me to decide how to arrange these parts for the greatest simultaneous convenience and dramatic effect, and I think I did fairly well. Glad you liked!

  9. ha! I have nothing intelligible to add, except your drawing of Tro is perfect. haha I love freckles too!

    1. I don’t know if you saw the previous picture of Trowa, which is sitting at the end of part 24. They’re OK pictures; they show what they’re supposed to, anyway XD Freckles are great, aren’t they??

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