Plastic 89

Duo felt like the whole world was exploding around him. Of course it had been a very long time since he’d felt anything, but he didn’t think he’d ever felt like this before.

He groaned, and his head fell against his shoulders — which was in itself glorious, as it had been so long since he’d been able to feel the back of his head or his shoulders or his braid crinkling in the juncture — as Heero blazed a prickling path with his tongue over the most responsive of Duo’s skin.

This, among an overwhelming host of other sensations, was spectacular almost to the point of impossibility; Duo could hardly believe the entire situation. After convincing himself that he must wait a while before telling Heero how he felt, here was Heero sucking his cock. Heero liked him… Heero wanted him… and was more than proving it now.

“Oh, god,” Duo moaned, working his hands into Heero’s hair. He already loved the feeling of Heero’s hair, and the texture and warmth of Heero’s skin as his hands slid down his neck, but it wasn’t quite enough. Maybe he was just a greedy bastard, but…

“Heero…” he groaned.

“Mmm?” The vibration from this acknowledgment almost made Duo come right then.

“This…” he gasped. “This is amazing… but I want more of you… right now…” He wanted Heero against him; he wanted a more complete connection to him, after so long thinking of himself as little more than Heero’s charity project; he wanted the sensations of being with Heero to eclipse all others and stamp the first hours of his new human life with the smell of him, the feel of his skin, the taste of his kisses, the sound of his ecstasy. He wished he could articulate all of this, but at the moment he was simply too overwhelmed.

Heero seemed to understand, though; either that or he was caught up in the moment as well. At any rate, with a lingering trailing of his tongue that made Duo moan helplessly again, he pulled away and stood. He said nothing, but the look he gave Duo as he reached for the hem of his t-shirt to pull it over his head was so hot and intense that Duo shuddered. Heero tossed the shirt onto the floor, and Duo eyed his bare chest covetously. It wasn’t as if he’d never seen and, indeed, greatly admired it before; but things were different when he had hormones and the prospect of putting his hands and mouth all over it.

His attention didn’t linger there, however, as Heero was now taking off his pants. Duo had only been breathing again for a short while, but he was already rediscovering the art of holding his breath in anticipation as he watched Heero’s clothing come off. Whatever underwear Heero might or might not have on slid down and hit the floor along with the jeans, and he was stepping out completely naked the next instant.

“Good god, you are hot,” Duo said. And it was suddenly a very good thing that Heero had done his changing out of Duo’s sight all those times, because this knowledge, without the ability to do anything about it, would, without a doubt, have made something important inside Duo snap.

Heero smiled at him, again utterly stealing Duo’s breath. Then, to Duo’s momentary frustration, instead of coming within reach, he moved around the bed and extracted something from the nightstand drawer. When he returned to the spot in front of Duo again, his tempting hips just beyond the reach of Duo’s grasping hands, the object he held was revealed to be a plastic bottle full of thick bluish liquid.

“Was I ‘sleeping’ right above that this whole time?” Duo demanded, amused and aroused.

“Wait ’til you hear what I was doing in the shower this whole time,” Heero murmured, “with you just outside the bathroom door.”

Duo definitely would have pursued this topic, but at that moment — finally — Heero climbed onto the bed, kneeling, straddling Duo’s lap. Taking Duo’s face in both hands (he must have set the bottle down somewhere), he kissed him deeply and intensely, pressing against him.

As he felt so much of Heero’s skin in such blazing close contact with his own, Duo groaned in his throat, and his hands swarmed over Heero’s body in search of more. He wanted it all; he wanted every last inch of Heero for his very own, and it was a shame that he couldn’t touch him everywhere at once.

Heero threaded fingers through Duo’s braided hair and pulled at him, intensifying the kiss almost to the point of pain. Duo thought it could have been a good deal more painful, though, and he still would have reveled in it. The weight and heat of Heero settled in his lap was divine, and the air was starting to smell faintly of sweat.

As Duo began running fingers over Heero’s buttocks and thighs, which were taut where Heero’s legs spread around his, Heero released him and let his own hands explore. As he teased one of Duo’s nipples, Duo’s head rolled to the side with a gasp of pleasure. At the same moment, Heero moved his hips, rubbing their stiff cocks against each other in a burst of heat and pleasure that made Duo cry out.

“Oh, god, Heero, that feels so good…” Duo found that, though he was perfectly capable of shouting his pleasure aloud as it came to him, actual words emerged only in a groaning whisper. “I should probably tell you… I’ve never done it with a guy before…”

Heero nodded and kissed him again. And now he rose up on his knees, his hands releasing Duo even as he kissed him from this higher angle, pressed against him, squirming slightly. Duo’s lap felt cold and abandoned suddenly, and he made a noise that was half disappointed and half intrigued at the contrast. Heero, probably correctly interpreting the sound, chuckled breathlessly, drawing away from Duo’s lips and moving to kiss his jaw and ear instead.

Duo’s hands were running up and down the backs of Heero’s thighs, which were trembling slightly as Heero ground his erection against Duo’s stomach. And the next moment Heero went from nibbling Duo’s earlobe to groaning out his name in evident pleasure. The sound of the word made Duo shiver so intensely that his entire body stiffened and pressed even harder against Heero’s.

“I’ve always loved the way you say my name,” he whispered, “but I think that one was my favorite.”

In response, Heero murmured again, “Duo…” and straightened a little to look him in the eye. At his expression, simultaneously serious and adoring and lustful, Duo felt a line of fire race from swollen lips through his throbbing chest into his anxious groin. Heero’s eyes were astonishingly beautiful.

“You’re doing funny things to my heart,” he told him. “And I just got it back.”

“You can have mine,” said Heero, and kissed him again. And it was funny how so corny a line could make Duo’s chest ache so wonderfully and his already throbbing erection even harder and more desperate than before.

Suddenly Heero’s hand, which Duo hadn’t felt for some time, was on his cock, startling a cry out of him; as it was slick with lubricant, Duo thought he could guess now what Heero had been busy with. And as Heero rubbed Duo’s erection quickly and thoroughly up and down, Duo was reduced to a state of trembling, groaning helplessness, leaning back slightly, bracing himself a little unsteadily on his balled fists on the bed.

“I’m not… you’re going to… I can’t…” He wanted to warn Heero that he was going to come very soon if this continued, but apparently finishing a sentence was another thing he couldn’t do.

Heero seemed once again to understand him without needing to have the thought completed, however. He drew back, rising up onto his knees again and reaching down. Taking hold of Duo’s erection, he angled his hips and pressed slowly downward onto it, guiding the process with one hand while keeping himself open with the other.

“A-ah!” Duo cried as he was enveloped by tight, glorious heat. “Heero… Heero…”

Heero regarded him with slitted eyes as he sank completely onto him with a long sigh. Then there followed a protracted moment of stillness that felt like the calm before a storm, during which they stared at each other through hazy eyes and Duo said once more, adoringly, “Heero…”

And then Heero kissed him again, and started to move.

The world was exploding as it had earlier, but this time it was harder and brighter and faster. Duo broke what would have been a kiss with a groaning cry as Heero rose up and then sank back down. Also groaning softly, Heero abandoned Duo’s mouth, leaving it free to let out his growing pleasure, and moved to chew on his ear again instead. Duo could feel the warmth and motion and moisture of heavy breathing, hear the touches of voice that crept into Heero’s panting. But all noises were swiftly blurring together as Heero rode him harder and faster, urging him on with slick tightness toward orgasm.

He’d had sex before… but it had never felt like this. Granted, it had always been with women in the past (the distant past), but he doubted there was anyone in the world, man or woman, that could make him feel like this. The way it felt to be inside Heero, to have Heero against him, kissing him, loving him; the taste of Heero’s mouth (which was probably at least somewhat the taste of shrimp pasta salad); the damp, hot sliding of Heero’s skin against Duo’s everywhere they were connected — Heero, the man that had saved him, had given him new life…

And yet… Duo would never, never tell Heero, but along with all these wonders there was also the sensation of his toes curling in the carpet; the tenseness of his legs that seemed to cling to the bed, working hard to keep him in his current position so as not to break the beautiful rhythm; the sweat beginning to trickle down from his knees; his thighs and buttocks against the crinkled blanket, and the weave of its cloth against his skin; the burning of his clenching biceps that struggled to support them both; the tickling of his hair against his face; the smells of sweat and sex… everything around him, all of these long-missed sensations combined irresistibly with what Heero was doing to him to bring him hard. He gave a sharp, inarticulate cry as the world blazed white-hot and heavenly for a long, perfect moment.

Somebody knocked angrily on the wall, and Duo laughed faintly and giddily. His head was spinning, and he wasn’t surprised to find himself falling over, collapsing onto the cool blanket with Heero on top of him. The movement tugged at his now-flaccid length still inside Heero’s tight ass, and Duo groaned in mingled pleasure and discomfort.

“As if they aren’t at it every night of the week,” Heero muttered, clearly referring to the annoyed neighbors on the other side of the wall. He squirmed free of Duo’s cock with a sigh, and settled onto his side against Duo’s sweaty body.

Duo turned to face him, still loving the feeling of the blanket beneath him and the air on his damp skin and the fading shockwave of orgasm. He met Heero’s eyes and smiled. “It’s good to be human again.”

Heero smiled back. “It’s good to have you human.”

Duo leaned forward and kissed him again briefly, then took one of Heero’s hands in both of his. “It’s all thanks to you,” he said, and sighed in contentment. “And now good luck getting rid of me.”

Heero grinned. “I’ve put up with you this long…”

Duo snuggled into him. “Yes,” he said complacently. “Thank god for that.”

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18 thoughts on “Plastic 89

  1. New Duo icon! ♥

    Hot damn, this was such a glorious part. I could read it about 10 more times and still get goosebumps. Part of it is the actual sex stuff, which was written so well, but it’s all the other things that go along with it that stand out for me. The things that are unique to this story, like Duo marveling at all the different sensations.

    Favorite lines:

    “You’re doing funny things to my heart,” he told him. “And I just got it back.”

    “You can have mine,” said Heero, and kissed him again.

    In any other story, that would sound so sappy. In this one, perfection. :-) I also like Heero hinting at what he was doing in the shower.

    1. ^__^ I’m glad you liked it so much! For once I was actually kindof excited to write a sex scene, because Duo’s sensations were going to make it so unusual; I’m glad you liked that.

      Also those lines… so cheesy! And yet I thought they worked really well in the context :D Glad you liked those too! Thanks for your comments ^____^

  2. hawt hawt hawt! I agree with Sharon about the guess-what-heero-was-doing-in-the-shower bit and Duo’s comment about that above which he was sleeping. I’ll admit, I’m a fan of any good lemon… but part of me was (not so secretly now) rooting for no sex. I got my hopes up when Duo was saying he needed all of Heero now… like even wouldn’t be as important as just lying (laying?) with the man he loved *sigh*

    But who would I be trying to kid? They’re red blooded males! actions speak louder than words XDDD and their banter at the end was sweet :DD

    You know what would have been really great (in an inconsequential sort of way) If we’d known about the amorous neighbors and seen Heero’s and Duo’s desperate attempts to avoid Awkward City with all the wall thumping going on… would be like divine justice (or just plain old pay back) when it’s Heero and Duo’s turn, you know?

    1. It would be nice if Duo thought that just being with Heero was all he needed… but Duo’s been unable to feel stuff for so long that I thought the sex was an extremely logical next step at this point.

      That and, as you mentioned, they are red-blooded males XD XD

      “Next door’s boyfriend” was mentioned in passing at one point, but not in any important way; you’re right: it would have been pretty funny if they’d been a sort of running joke, wouldn’t it?

      Thanks for your comments!

  3. OMG I’m glad LJ decided to work, so I could read this. It was sheer perfection. Not only the sex part, which was amazing and SO TOTALY HOT all by itself, but also all the emotional things. How Duo kept describing his feelings, his emotions. The way Heero acted, like an addict to Duo almost, how he hinted at the ‘shower scenes’, how he OFFERED HIS HEART!!! ♥ I had goosbumps all the way, and it was simply amazing!

    I think the neighbours better get used to this, ’cause I have a feeling those two will be at it quite often x)

    1. I am so glad you liked it so much ^___^ Yes, Heero offered his heart! And it’s a good thing he did, because, as we’ll see, once things calm down he has somewhat of a harder time doing so XD

      I agree; the neighbors had better just learn to suck it up XD

      Thanks for your comments! ^__^

  4. Ooooh, I really like this one. I think it really enhanced the lemon scene with all of Duo’s reactions to the simple act of feeling. *smile* He hasn’t felt anything in over 80 years, and now he’s overloading his nerves with sexual sensations as well as normal sensations. Very well done descriptions, I really enjoyed this.

    *giggle* The neighbors kill me. Although, they had probably been woken up by all of Duo’s shouting earlier. XD XD And Heero’s shower comment is also so amusing. Duo won’t be forgetting that, I’m sure.

    Like everyone else… the part where Heero gave his heart to Duo just made me want to melt. So sweet!

    1. I’m glad you liked the description of the sex and all of Duo’s additional feelings. Sex scenes are so tedious to me, but the ones in this story were all important for different reasons, and I’m fairly pleased with them.

      Yeah, the neighbors probably wouldn’t even have been annoyed about the loud sex if they hadn’t already been primed by Duo screaming naked on the porch XD

      I’m glad you liked the part! Thanks for your comments!

  5. That was absolutely beautiful. I love how real you make them haha cheesy lines and all, it just fits.

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