Plastic 90

“Just so you know,” Duo was sighing, cuddling slowly closer against Heero and running a hand lovingly up his neck, “that was far and away the best sex I’ve ever had.”

There were too many potentially really weird responses Heero could have made to this, given Duo’s history; eventually he decided simply to widen his grin, pulling as he did so, a little absently, at his still-erect cock. Duo, eyes dragged away from Heero’s face by the motion, looked down and realized.

Abruptly he sat up, and didn’t seem to mind that doing so made him reel a little, dizzily. “Heero! You didn’t–” He glanced around at the wall, and went on in less of a shout, “Now you should really do me.”

Heero didn’t need to hear that invitation twice. He wasn’t too terribly surprised that Duo had made it, either. Even as he also sat up and looked around for the discarded lubricant, though, he commented wryly, “If you think my neighbors can handle it.”

“I think we have to take the chance,” Duo replied with mock seriousness. “It may be a matter of life and death.” Then he lay back again, tugging at Heero’s hand as if to pull him on top of him once more. The light gleamed off his sweat-slicked skin, and Heero drew in a sharp breath at the look in his eye. He allowed himself to be pulled down atop Duo, and soon was slowly exploring Duo’s mouth again with his tongue as he ground against him.

At first Duo’s hands worked through Heero’s hair, a sensation Heero was already falling in love with, but after not too long they shifted to running all over his neck and back and sides again. Duo was still hung up on feeling him, it seemed, and Heero thought that fucking him from this position would probably best satisfy this particular inclination.

He was already achingly hard, but the idea of having this burning need fulfilled by Duo, that Duo wanted it to be, and the way Duo was kissing him seemed likely now to drive him into a frenzy. Their previous connection had almost made him come, but it hadn’t quite lasted long enough. Now, with the feeling of being filled and stretched and loved from the inside still lingering, Heero doubted he would last long either.

One of Duo’s hands had evidently fallen on the bottle of lube, as he was pushing it insistently against Heero’s side. Heero took it without looking; eager as he was to make use of it, at the moment he was preoccupied with the softness of Duo’s lower lip and the noises he found he could wring from Duo as he sucked on it. Eventually, though, he pulled away, looking into Duo’s sparkling eyes and tasting as before his utterly untainted breath.

Duo grinned, squirming beneath him in a manner clearly calculated to keep things moving. Breathlessly Heero returned the expression and sat back, at which Duo drew one leg up, inviting Heero in.

Heero coated his fingers with lubricant — the hand opposite the one he’d used on himself — and slid the first one inside Duo. The latter made a noise of interest and some surprise as Heero pulled at him. When he added a second finger Duo commented somewhat shakily, “That feels weird.”

“Good weird or bad weird?”

“I-don’t-know-yet-but-don’t-stop weird.”

Heero grinned again and pushed further in. He was watching Duo’s slitted eyes and parted lips, and anticipating joining so intimately with him once again. He added a third finger. Duo, clenching with a tight heat that promised extreme pleasure to come, gasped, “Ah! Definitely good weird!”

Carefully, Heero bent and kissed him as he continued to probe deeper. He knew he’d found what he was looking for when Duo stiffened, breaking from his lips with a startled, ecstatic cry. As Heero continued somewhat awkwardly to massage the spot with his fingertips, Duo writhed and groaned beneath him; and when he ceased and slowly withdrew the penetrating digits, Duo panted almost unintelligibly, “Can you… hit that… with your cock?”

“I certainly plan on trying,” Heero replied. As he shifted into position between Duo’s legs, Duo drew both knees up enthusiastically. “Tell me if it bothers you,” Heero said, readying himself at Duo’s entrance, “and I’ll stop.”

“You’ll never hear me beg for mercy.”

Heero had begun to push into him, but at this, with a monumental effort and a faint breathless smile, he paused. “Seriously, Duo,” he panted. “If I hurt you within an hour of you being human again, I will never forgive myself.”

“Fine, fine,” was Duo’s impatient reply. His hands rose to clutch at Heero’s back. “Just do it!”

So Heero did. Sliding slowly in, he bent low over Duo’s body so as to come into as close contact with him as possible. The area behind his eyes was already going nova before his entire length was buried, and he tried to concentrate on finding an angle that would brush Duo’s prostate, as promised, before he completely lost his presence of mind and primal urges took over.

Evidently he succeeded, for Duo was twisting beneath him after only a few thrusts, moaning sharply in conjunction with his quick rhythm. At a particularly loud outcry, Heero thought somebody next door knocked on the wall again, but that might only have been the pounding of blood in his ears. In any case he merely quickened his pace.

This was like a beautiful dream; he almost couldn’t believe it. Admittedly it was mostly like a very specific type of beautiful dream, but that wasn’t to say he hadn’t had non-sexual dreams about Duo as well that mirrored some aspects of this scene. The awareness that Duo wanted him, was happy to be with him… the welcome in his eyes and voice… his very presence here now the curse was broken… if Heero had hoped at all for any of these, it had been for some time in the distant future when Duo’s heart had mended and he’d had time to notice Heero that way. And yet here they were now, making love, toward which Duo’s attention and care seemed entirely directed.

“Wow…” Duo was gasping. “I knew… I knew this had to be… good… but I didn’t… realize…”

“Do you like it?” Heero whispered. It was an inane question, but, apart from the fact that he’d very much enjoyed Duo’s earlier assertion of how good he felt, he also couldn’t come up with any more intelligent response.

“Yes,” Duo groaned. “Oh, god, yes.”

Heero wished he could keep this up until Duo had recovered and could get erect again, but he was too close, and he couldn’t bring himself to stop and wait at this point — and that “Oh, god, yes” was just too much. His fingers tightened in the blanket they’d already been crumpling as he came hard deep inside of Duo. He heard nothing from beyond the wall; either his groan hadn’t been loud enough to disturb, or the neighbors had given up, or perhaps he had simply been too transported to notice their protests.

As he settled into stillness on top of Duo, the latter began slowly to pet his hair, and murmured, “That’s what I wanted to hear…”

Heero had to assume that Duo did not mean the sound of next door knocking. He kissed him, breathless and imprecise, and eased out of him.

“Oh,” Duo breathed, squirming. “Wow.”

Heero made an inarticulate sound of amusement and satisfaction.

“That was amazing.” Duo began wrapping his limbs around Heero in a manner that seemed designed more to allow him to continue feeling as much of Heero as possible all at once than for comfort, which made Heero chuckle a little even as he nodded his agreement. And then Duo added, “You’re amazing.”

Marvelously, astonishingly, ridiculously happy, Heero held Duo tighter, and they lay still in the cooling shadows.

Finally Duo broke the silence again. “OK, Heero… it’s time…”


“You liked me, apparently, and I was flirting with you every day… why the hell didn’t you say something?”

“Why didn’t you?” Heero returned evasively, jarred from his warm lethargy. “Flirting like yours doesn’t count.”

“Hey, I asked first.” Duo was withdrawing from the convoluted embrace, and at last sat up again, looking down at Heero.

“I thought…” Heero found this a little embarrassing to talk about. “I thought you were still in love with Trowa.”

Duo blinked. “How did you know I was ever in love with Trowa?”

Also sitting up, Heero explained briefly about the original misconception that had only been furthered by a certain email from Quatre.

“So they are together!” cried Duo triumphantly. “I thought so!”

Heero smiled. “That’s why Quatre’s been neglecting us for weeks.”

“Weeks?! This has been going on for weeks and you didn’t tell me?”

“I thought… I didn’t want to hurt you… I couldn’t figure out how…”

Duo leaned forward and squeezed Heero tightly. “Well, for future reference, I’ve been over Trowa for fifty years or something, and you happen to be the one I’m in love with.”

Heero felt his face burning. “‘In love?'” he echoed hoarsely. “Don’t you think it’s a bit early for that?”

“We’ve been practically dating for a complete lunar cycle.” Duo’s tone was chiding, but he didn’t sound hurt. Thank god he didn’t sound hurt. “Also I’m pretty sure we just had sex. Twice, even. Seems plenty late enough to me.”

Heero felt the first stirrings of panic. Was Duo expecting a reciprocal declaration at this point? It was quite possible that he was in love with Duo, but flatly impossible that he could put it into words just yet.

Duo seemed to sense this reluctance on Heero’s part, and not to be bothered by it, for he kissed Heero six times and changed the subject. “I can’t believe I’m finally human again! You know, until I met you, I almost kinda didn’t think it would ever happen?”

As he continued to speak, he was examining himself — running hands thoughtfully over his own flesh and his hair and stretching out in every direction. Heero watched this process with great satisfaction. “I thought for sure I’d just go crazy eventually and turn into one of those horror movie dolls that convinces the little girl to kill a bunch of people, and when they found out about me they wouldn’t be able to destroy me, so they’d throw me away, and I’d end up in a landfill somewhere ruling over a pack of junkyard dogs and referring to myself with the royal ‘we.'”

Heero wasn’t sure whether to laugh or wince, and definitely didn’t know what to say. But Duo looked at him again suddenly, and he was smiling. “But now…” It wasn’t the false cheer he’d often used before to put a good face on his bad situation, that phony brightness Heero had so hated — this was real. It was a smile unforced, a natural tone, an expression of genuine happiness. “Now…” He reached out to run fingertips through Heero’s hair. Then, unexpectedly, he slid suddenly off the bed and stood. “Now I’m going to see what’s on your bookshelf!” And, with a joyful and triumphant laugh, half stumbling, he ran out of the room.

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18 thoughts on “Plastic 90

  1. I LOVE your Duo. He’s so scatterbrained!! But at the same time he’s so heartwarming! I love that he was so eager to please Heero too and crap on the neighbors!! And to see what’s on Heero’s bookshelf?? Hmmm… seems like it’ll be interesting. :)

  2. Ha, ha, ha! Duo’s last sentence was awesome. He has an awesome personality that goes with his awesome hair and body. Thanks for the update. You are so great. *^_^*

  3. It seems so silly to get teary over a fun part like this, but I did. I can’t help being overjoyed at how much Duo is happy to be human again. I’m so thrilled for him.

    Like everyone else, I loved the ending! That seems like such a ‘Duo thing’ for him to do. :-)

    Heero’s hesitation about not being able to say the L word worried me for a second, but Duo didn’t seem to mind, so I’m hoping it’s just a matter of time.

    1. Aawww, did you get teary?? Ngyee. Duo really is extremely happy ^___^

      Fortunately, Duo remembers Heero offering him his heart while they were having sex, a statement he is undoubtedly taking more seriously even than Heero intended it XD But Heero may manage the L-word one of these days too!

  4. haha OMG I found this chapter funny xD Ah, sneaky Duo gets his sex and then he wants to see what’s on the book shelf. I love it! Totally something Duo would do…

    1. Da ha, why would either of them screw the neighbors when they’ve got each other around? :D

      No, Heero probably wasn’t expecting that; in the midst of all of this curse-breaking stuff, he had probably forgotten all about the whole bookshelf thing XD

      Thanks for your comments!

  5. *cracks up* Okay, I was cataloging my comments in my brain as I was reading and then that last little part totally derailed me!! XD XD XD Ah, Duo… he’s really going to liven Heero’s life up in ways Heero can’t even imagine right now. *grin*

    And back to my other comments, now: I was so amused at myself when I started reading this part and realized that the lemon scene wasn’t over yet. XD XD XD I really like having a continuation of that scene, from Heero’s POV.

    You know, going over their conversation about the misunderstandings and their current feelings, I’m really really glad that Duo didn’t pull the ‘fake hurt tone’ thing on Heero. I think Heero’s actually going to be a bit sensitive about making sure Duo doesn’t get hurt and gets what he wants now that he’s human again – I think Duo is actually going to have so much influence over Heero until Heero gets a chance to get over some things too. *nod*

    *laugh* So…. is Heero going to get up and run after Duo? XD XD XD XD Now I can’t wait for the next chapter!! I wonder if “Monday” is now over?? *so curious* And Relena! Heero gets to tell his sister that the curse is over!! *grin* Happy times are sure to continue for a while. ^__________^

    1. Oh, I totally agree; Heero’s not going to know what hit him (and not in a bad way) :D

      And, yeah, the conversation about their feelings for each other definitely could have gone worse. I think they know each other well enough by now to prevent that, though.

      The next chapter was actually already up when you posted this comment, but I wasn’t able to reply to anything or edit posts at that moment, so I was helpless to tell you so!!!!! Mou. Anyway, thanks again for all your comments! ^__^

  6. *hugs you tightly* Hello my friend!! Well i consider you a friend, because you took & are taking me on such awesome journey with your words, sharing this and bringing a bright smile to my face. So much so that although rl & issues pulled me away, hohoho! I found my way back!! I know I’ve probably said it a whole heck of a lot, but I love this story. and thank you sooo much for writing & sharing ^__^ No, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to read comment spam you with coherent- sometimes incoherent thoughts as I continue to read and!! *shock, wonderful shock* this is a trilogy!?@ You have waylaid my fears of this story ending anytime soon!! *does a little dance and shares in Duo’s happiness in his naked run to explore the bookshelf*

    1. I have to admit, I wondered where you’d got to! That real life thing we’re occasionally forced to partake of can be such a pain in the ass, can’t it? Anyway, welcome back! And thank you, as always, for your lovely comments!

      I don’t know about “trilogy…” It’s an ongoing series that I suppose does have three separate parts at the moment (at least as pertains to the GW characters): Plastic, the three short stories that come after that, and La Confrérie de la Lune Révéré, which I’m currently in the process of posting. There are other stories planned for the series; I just need time and energy to write them!

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