Thirty days ’til I turn thirty-one.

Today I have finally gotten all my old handwritten journal entries transcribed onto lj. I am very glad finally to have finished this. What I need to do next is scan certain visual aspects of certain pages and insert them at the appropriate points. Anyway, the reason I mention this is that I came across the following passage in an entry dated April 27, 1998:

Lately I have developed a passion for the Quest For Glory message board at the Sierra website. Many people there write “fanfic,” that is, fiction based on or set in the worlds of, in this case, Quest for Glory. I thought that was cool and decided to write some too. So I’m doing a story called “Pride of her Parents,” set in Shapier, the focus of the second game in the series.

I thought it was interesting to encounter this just after Plastic overtook PohP as my longest posted story. And of course there’s some serious nostalgia value too :D

Yesterday a cop brought in his awesome cop shirt and pointed out the fact that, though he’d just had us dry clean it twice, it still had some stains. So together we agreed to try sending it to laundry to see if that method was any more effective than the dry cleaning on this particular stain. I said something along the lines of, “I’ll just set it up as a redo, so we won’t charge you for it… let me write you a ticket…” And then I was like, “HAH!! I’ll write you a ticket!!” And the cop was like *grinrolleyes* But seriously… how often do you get to say that to a cop??? I win everything.

Zombie Girl and I saw Cowboys and Aliens last night with the final gift certificates in the set of movie moneys my grandparents sent my family for Christmas (which my parents then gave to me because they never go see movies). This movie was much better than I expected; I’d almost call it “good,” even.

Briefly, Crimson Coronation seems to be what feels like being worked on right now, so I shall work on that at work. And work is where I must now go, so The End.