Twenty-nine days until I turn thirty-one!

Despite being extremely tired, I slept very badly last night, and that always prompts (or allows me to remember) more, stranger dreams. Actually last night’s was a long string of mostly nonsense where one led disconcertingly into another; I’m not hugely fond of those except when two extremely silly ones meld and become even sillier.

The only part really worth mentioning was the one in which I was dating Heero (again; why is it so often Heero?) and was heading over to the apartment where he and the other guys were hanging out (I’m not sure whose apartment it actually was). This apartment was on the someteenth floor. I had taken the wrong interstate exit and gotten tired of following the roads like a normal person, so I’d started flying. Apparently in this dream, I could make my car fly just as easily as I could fly myself. So I flew to the window behind which the boys were playing a card game, and turned on my headlights to startle them. I believe I was hoping that Heero would abandon his game and come make out with me. The End.

The other night, though — I forgot to mention this — I dreamed I was telekinetic, and attending a mock battle of sorts in a giant arena whose central area was an ocean. As I went to take my seat, a little girl that was supposed to be sitting next to me escaped her mother and started to run away. I used my telekinesis to lift her back to her mother, thinking her mother would be relieved… but actually the mother was angry and wanted to know who’d done such a cruel thing to her daughter. I pretended it hadn’t been me and went to find a different seat.

As I was wandering along, some of the first rounds of the battle were taking place, and I used my powers to give an advantage to the side I supported, so they kept winning. Then some more children were being careless, and in danger of falling over the edge and such, and I saved them too. I guess there were a lot of inattentive parents at this event, so it’s a good thing I was such a badass.

I did work on CC yesterday, and probably will again today — though I finished one part of the chapter and am not entirely certain whose comes next, so some other story may shoulder its way in while I’m deciding. Every time one of the characters gets drawn for me in an art exchange, I get all excited to work on the story again.