Twenty-six days ’til I turn thirty-one. My birthday’s on a Friday, and I’m still debating whether I should ask for the next day off or not. Oh, man, I got paid this past Friday, and I paid three bills *__* Then I ordered tampons from Amazon because the stores still don’t have o.b.’s anywhere and I just can’t stand other brands. Everyone needed to know that, right? How about a dream.

I had a dramatic dream. This time, I was at least partially Relena, and Heero had turned totally evil and was leading some kind of evil conspiracy to do evil stuff. He’d captured a friend of mine; this guy was at least partially Saitou, but there was some WoW orcishness about him too, and also he was a vampire. I decided to go rescue him. I managed to sneak into the place where he was being held, and found him with a seeming reluctance to leave Heero. Heero, it appeared, was also a vampire, and had been the one to turn both almost-Saitou and some other people. Almost-Saitou wanted to be free of him, since Heero was torturing him, but he was dawdling in following me, and Heero caught us.

Heero made evil statements to the purpose of almost-Saitou never being able to escape and all the evil things he was going to do, and he started torturing almost-Saitou right in front of me. He was using this gluestick sort of item that was full of a substance that was extremely painful to vampires; I got the stuff all over my hands and it didn’t hurt me, but it made almost-Saitou scream in agony. Then Heero said he’d let me have a different prisoner instead. This prisoner was Hilde, whom he’d also turned into a vampire, and I got the feeling he was letting me take her because she annoyed the hell out of him. I figured any prisoner was better than no prisoner, though, and quickly tried to rub all the vampire-torture-stuff off onto my pants in case I had to touch her.

Then I started begging Heero to release almost-Saitou. This turned into a more general plea for Heero to stop doing these evil things and go back to being the kind and gentle person I’d known before. I was on my knees and crying and pleading with him, and it was so dramatic that even in the dream there was a part of my consciousness going, Wow, this is awesome. Anyway, Heero sneeringly accused me of really wanting him to go back to the way he had been because with the way he was now there was no possibility of any romance developing between us. At this point I realized that I was actually in love with almost-Saitou (oh, what a huuuuge surprise), but also remembered that I was at least partially Relena and therefore had at some point had feelings for Heero. I was about to explain that I didn’t feel that way toward him anymore and just wanted him not to be evil, but then I woke up.

So yesterday and today, peoples at CAX have been having a reference-drawing marathon for us to try to catch up with characters we have listed but haven’t drawn… I’ve been quite successful, having drawn seven characters… but I’m kinda sick of drawing now. I only have three listed characters left that don’t have references, but seriously… Maybe I will draw again later, but for now I really want to work on Rose Pale

Rose Pale is what I’ve ended up working on at work over the last couple of days; it’s been going quite well since I jumped back to chapter 11 instead of that bratty chapter 7. After work last night I didn’t type up what I’d written at work because I wanted to get started on the reference marathon right away. So maybe I will do that now for a while and then see how I feel about those last three characters.

On a totally different topic, Kotetsu just needs to TELL THEM WHAT’S GOING ON.

I think that’s all.