I had this dream where some allies and I were at this resort sort of place that we knew was being run by an evil organization we were trying to do something about. At one point, some of my allies and I were casually lounging around in this loungy room where X-Men First Class was playing. I (like most humans) have a really hard time looking away from a bright moving screen when it’s visible in the room, so I was watching this movie to the point where I was barely paying attention to the scantily-clad serving girls that were flirting very intently with me.

Eventually, though, they playfully picked me up and started to carry me out of the room. I was laughing about how much effort it had taken them to get my attention, and mentioned that X-Men First Class was a really bad movie. And they were like, “You sure were watching raptly for thinking it’s such a bad movie. But come with us; we have something to show you.”

They took me into a bathroom (a lot of my dreams involve bathrooms), and one of them went into one of the stalls and started opening up a secret hole in the floor. At this point all of a sudden I was Sano and the evil organization had killed my parents several years in the past. I turned around and noticed that the other girl had pulled out a big knife. In nothing more than skeptical amusement I asked, “So you’re going to attack me now…?” And she replied that I would join my family in that hole under the floor.

I deflected the knife with something I was holding, twisted it out of her hand, and knocked her out. The other girl had shifted into her true form, which was a horrible beetle sort of creature with a human head. But I beat at her with the flat of the first girl’s knife, and parts of her bug body broke off. When she was groaning in pain on the floor, I left the bathroom, nonchalantly spinning the knife in my hand as I went.

I got the feeling that these girls hadn’t been ordered to take me out, but had kinda jumped the gun in trying to do so on their own, partly because I had ignored their flirtations. Still being Sano at this point, I thought it would be a good idea to go to some of the leadership of the evil organization and tell them that because these two gals had acted on their own and I had defeated them, that meant I should be admitted into the organization.

Sometimes when I start waking up from a dream, my mind is like, “Wait! No! There’s still this awesome stuff that’s going to happen!” And quickly summarizes either the rest of the dream or at least an important future scene or two. That’s what happened here. I realized as I was waking up that Saitou was also infiltrating this evil organization, but I-Sano wasn’t aware of this; and that when I ran into him it was going to be a huge, dismaying shock, because even though the immediate conclusion would be that he was undercover, there would still be a sneaking suspicion impossible to get rid of that he’d actually turned evil.

Saitou would be like WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE AHOU and drag Sano into a corner somewhere to find out. Sano would thereby find out that Saitou was indeed undercover, and this huge weight would life from his heart. He would feel simultaneously hugely relieved that Saitou had not turned evil and guilty and a little stupid that he’d ever suspected him… and would, of course, wonder why it was such a relief. YES I WONDER WHY THAT COULD BE.

Yeah, so it was a somewhat amusing dream at first, and then with that last bit it turned completely awesome. MmmmSaitouSano.

Twenty-four days until I turn thirty-one!

I have hung out with Zombie Girl the last couple of nights. Yesterday she painted gargoyles while I caught her up on Rose Pale, and we discussed very important Wufei-related things.

Rose Pale is coming along fairly nicely, though chapter 11 and onward is still easier to work on than chapter 7. I haven’t even thought about the next picture in a very long time, either XD Aaanyway, after much thought and discussion with ZG, cave-troll may have to happen next rather than Wintercease, just because there are so many scenes in it that I am eager to write. We keep talking and squeeing about it, and it’s creeping up the list. I’ll have to apologize even more to Wufei in that case.

So I often think of ideas for original stories, and write them down for future work/consideration. However, my original stories tend to progress very slowly if at all (mostly because nobody but me is interested in them), so these ideas tend to reform themselves around fandom characters if at all possible. In the past it was always Saitou and Sano, which meant that if the story idea I had didn’t fit them specifically, it usually just got shelved. Now, however, I have a couple more couples that I’m interested in writing, so new ideas have a greater range of possibilities.

There was this idea I thought of about four years ago that didn’t fit my fighty boys, so I just wrote it down and left it. And yesterday at work it occurred to me all of a sudden that a certain different set of boys would fit into it really well. I ran it past Zombie Girl to see what she thought, and she really loved the idea. So I need to rewrite the summary with the proper names in place (and the tweaks necessary for the chosen characters). Who knows when/if I will write the story all Gundam Wing-style, but I’m happy to have cast the characters at least, because I’ve really liked this idea ever since I thought of it.

Ah, I’ve been up so late with ZG the last couple of nights that I’m all groggy and stuff. Once I’m done posting this, I’ma try to be productive before work, but we’ll see how that goes.