All right, what-all has happened. Lessee.

First off… remember back in January when I was all sadface because Zombie Girl had officially stated she wasn’t going to be continuing her GW fic? Well, the other day she randomly decided she wanted to work on it again. I still don’t think I believe she will actually write the whole thing ever, but it’s super exciting that she wants to work on it at all. So the other night we talked about her Trowa and Quatre (and to a lesser extent a few of the others) for, like, three hours. I hope she took some good ideas from it and that she will write the next chapter *___*

So there are twenty-one days left until I turn thirty-one. That is not a lot of days!!!!!

I worked today unexpectedly, which makes this another six-day work-week. It’s not so bad with little shifts like mine, and more money is definitely good, but working six days in a row is still something of a pain in the ass. But whatevs. I got to see my co-worker’s baby today, and it was soOoOo sweet. It was putting its foots up in the air and grinning in this triumphant fashion as if putting its foots up in the air was the greatest achievement.

Also today at work I stapled my finger. We staple everything there, so it was only a matter of time before one of them went somewhere it wasn’t supposed to. Anyway, it still hurts many hours later, especially when I touch things, and it looks like there’s a big ol’ bruise down deep inside the skin. The staple went all the freaking way in, and I felt like it took a hundred hours just to pull out.

Earlier there was a tiny baby byrd in my window well, and he couldn’t escape. His adult byrd friend kept coming down and bringing him food and trying to get him to fly out, but it never worked. I even put a board in there for him to walk up, but he never did. So eventually I grabbed a pair of gardening gloves and reached in and picked him up by hand and put him out. I hope he is OK, and I’m glad he was out of my window well because he was making all the noise in the world in there. First it was chirping like clockwork precisely every second, and then he added tapping on the window with his beak.

I have made good progress on Rose Pale the last few days, both on chapter 7 and chapter 11. I had hoped to be able to start posting that soon after Plastic was done posting, but I don’t feel like I’ll be able to. (What I do feel like is that I’ve already mentioned this; ah, well.) Now I kinda want to get the whole story done so I can go back and analyze some overall effects before I even think about posting it. So we’ll see, I guess.

I got a package full of the most awesome things from today *__* It’s like an early birthday present *__*

A spider has inexplicably made a web in front of my dry erase board. Actually the logistics of it are a bit puzzling; I’m not really sure where the web is connected, precisely, since spider has been moving around in front of various parts of the board, apparently in the air, all day, and I can’t see the web at all.

I don’t remember what else has happened or I was going to say, so I shall have done.