Twenty days ’til my birthday.

Today we got super slammed all day at work, and I am telve million tired. Plus I worked six days again this week, and I was out way late with ZG a few nights, so there are several tireds together. I shall go to bed early tonight. Maybe (see below).

Last night I had an awesome dream where I was Duo having sex with Heero. Yay!

So the little bird. He reappeared in my window well this morning, but I didn’t have time to deal with him before work. When I got home, I waited a while, and eventually he was close enough to the window that I could grab him and put him out again. But within about five minutes he’d jumped back in. So I was like, I give up. I didn’t really mind him in there as long as he didn’t starve and die (though the constant chirping was a little annoying), but since the adult bird kept coming down to feed him I didn’t think that was likely.

Still, I figured I’d make absolutely sure he had some food, so I opened the window again to put birdseed out there. But as I did so, he hopped right into the room and off the window sill onto the floor. However, when I looked around for him, I couldn’t find him. Which means he’s in my bedroom somewhere. Of course he’s not chirping now, and I am just sure my cat is going to find him before I do. Aaaugh, I was trying to prevent his death, not encourage it.

Updates as new events transpire.

Edit: So I went to Safeway to grab some stuff my mom needed, hoping that while I was gone something good and not something bad would happen. I was delayed on the way back helping some people push their dead car part of the way up a side-street to get it out of traffic while they waited for a tow truck. And then when I returned, it was to the news that bird had been rescued!!!!! Evidently it started cheeping once I was gone, and my dad could hear it but couldn’t find it. But then the sound got all panicked, and he went back down to discover that Tokio had cornered bird! So he took bird outside. Now we shall see if it appears in my window well again.