Plastic 100

The Asian district in this city wasn’t the most stereotypically Asian example of such a neighborhood Heero had ever heard of, which seemed to cause Duo some disappointment as he saw it now for the first time. That didn’t mean Duo wasn’t still behaving like an adorable dog with its panting head out the car window, though, or that he didn’t exclaim over what architecture and decoration did clearly say ‘Asian’ to his American eyes. Heero answered his random questions about the area and growing up there, but otherwise remained silent during the drive. He had no idea how tonight was going to go, and was bracing himself harder than usual.

His father had never been demonstrative, but even he, when Heero had made his announcement four years back, had been direct and rather emotional with his immediate expression of disapproval. Mrs. Yuy’s reaction didn’t bear thinking of. There had been tears and angry words and then that long period of noncommunication, and the wounds occasioned that day had never really been discussed or patched up. Gradually, eventually, they’d begun talking again, without ever really mentioning the confrontation or Heero’s sexuality. Things had smoothed out, for the most part, but for the occasional veiled hint or attempt to set him up with some girl, and hadn’t become truly awkward again until Relena’s engagement.

Quatre and Relena both thought that what Heero needed was a boyfriend, to show his parents that he really was gay, that he was happy that way, that he had the potential for life-long happiness in declining to deny what he was. Heero had always agreed with them, up to a point… and that point, unfortunately, seemed to be where he actually brought the new boyfriend to meet his parents and attempt to prove all those things. Because he didn’t know that he really believed it would help. And he just couldn’t stand the thought of his parents’ continued disapproval. If they were unpleasant to Duo, or if they gave any indication, in his presence, that they still believed this was a game or a mistake… Heero was afraid there would be another row, this one undoubtedly a little more difficult to recover from.

“You OK?” Duo asked presently.

“Yeah.” Heero couldn’t bring himself to say anything more.

Duo made a sympathetic noise, but it seemed he’d run out of reassurances.

At that moment, Heero’s phone gave off an obnoxious beeping he didn’t often hear from it, and he frowned as he fished it out of his pocket. Handing it to Duo he said, “Can you look at that?”

From Winner, Quatre,” Duo read out. “Texting since you’re probably driving and Duo can read it. Just wishing you luck tonight. Trowa says so too. We’re cheering for you guys.” He made funny noises as he attempted to read aloud Quatre’s signature, which, if Heero remembered correctly, involved a number of unpronounceable symbols as decoration. “That’s so sweet.”

Generally Heero hated text messages, and had forbidden Quatre to send him any, but at the moment couldn’t but appreciate the sentiment written out so definitively — especially since, if Quatre had actually called him this close to the time, Heero probably wouldn’t have answered. He nodded his agreement to Duo’s statement.

His sister and brother-to-be had arrived first, but — bless her heart — Relena had obviously insisted on waiting around outside so everyone could enter together. Heero returned her greeting hug particularly enthusiastically. “How are you guys?” she asked as she withdrew.

“He’s freaking out,” Duo said bluntly before Heero could answer.

“I wouldn’t have put it quite like that,” Heero muttered.

“Oh, Heero.” Relena took his shoulder and squeezed it. “It’s going to be fine!”

“That depends on how you define ‘fine.'”

“Well, it’s going to be really awkward at first, but they’re going to see that you guys are serious about each other, and they’re going to realize that everything is OK. You’ll see.” Though she spoke with certainty, she clearly observed that he wasn’t convinced. Lips tightening, her face took on that authoritative expression so much like one their mother often wore. And in perfect keeping with this, what she said was, “Heero. In case you haven’t noticed any time in the last twenty-two years, I’m just like mama. I know how she’s going to react. Trust me.”

And at this, Heero had to smile. She was a good deal like their mother, and maybe she was right about being able to predict Mrs. Yuy’s reaction because of that. He was still short of words, but he nodded, and she seemed to accept this answer.

“And don’t forget that we have your back,” said Colin, placing his own hand on Heero’s unoccupied shoulder. Everything Colin said usually sounded so polished, but now there was just a touch of uncertainty to his tone. It wasn’t that he doubted what he was saying, Heero thought, but rather that he still wasn’t quite sure yet how brotherly Heero would allow him to be — which actually rendered his expression of support more meaningful, given that he’d still offered it.

“Thank you,” said Heero sincerely. Then he squared his shoulders, dislodging both of his well-wishers, and added, “Let’s get this over with.”

Relena and Colin joined hands as they headed up across the front lawn toward the porch. And as Heero moved to follow, watching them from behind, his steps slowed. Eventually he came to a complete halt, standing in the middle of the grass as his sister and her fiance drew farther and farther away.

“What is it?” Duo asked quietly. “Don’t tell me you’re backing out.”

“No…” Heero took a deep breath and turned to face him. “You know what it’s like in there; or at least you heard what it was like last time. It may be worse tonight. And I’m going to do my best to be a real person, but… if I curl up in a ball, or run screaming, I…”

“I’d like to see that,” Duo teased, though his amused tone was still sympathetic.

“But even if I turn into a… a frigid bitch… I want you to know that I…” It took some effort and another deep breath, but he managed to say it at last. “I love you.”

This time Duo really did knock them both right over with the enthusiasm of his full-contact embrace; he seemed to go from zero to sixty in half an instant and eight inches, and they were suddenly in the grass in a tangle, and from the porch Relena was failing to stifle a laugh. Duo was also laughing at his own inadvertent tackle, but Heero thought this laughter had somewhat the sound of restrained sobbing. When he put his mouth close to Heero’s ear and whispered to him, the tone of his voice confirmed this.

“You just wait, Heero Yuy… later I’m going to tell you exactly what I think of that.”

“Thanks,” Heero said, and found that he sounded a bit choked himself. “That thought should get me through the night.”

Duo’s ecstatic smile as he pulled away from Heero and jumped up, then offered a hand to help Heero up after him, would have been a sufficient reward in itself, even without his words. Once Heero was on his feet again, Duo kissed him hard for a moment before accompanying him on across the lawn. They all filed through the door, Duo still grinning and Heero with a heart just the tiniest bit lighter for it.

As usual, his father was waiting in the front room, and his mother entered when she heard them. There were the typical hearty greetings for Relena and Colin, and then the Yuy parents turned toward their son and the stranger. Relena had been the one to request permission for another friend to join them for dinner tonight, so this would be the first indication not only of said friend’s name but of what, exactly, he was to those present. This would be the moment that would determine quite a bit of Heero’s happiness or pain for the next he knew not how long.

Yet he found, now that it came to it, rather than the reluctance and deep concern he’d been experiencing all day — and, to a certain extent, all week, all month, perhaps every month and every year since he’d realized this moment must come — that this wasn’t going to be nearly as difficult as he’d anticipated. He had a man he loved beside him, and supportive friends around him, and the assurance of good thoughts from those that were absent; he would survive whatever happened here.

“Mama, papa,” he said. Deliberately, he reached for Duo’s hand. “I want you to meet Duo Maxwell, my boyfriend.”

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32 thoughts on “Plastic 100

  1. I’m actually crying right now. To see how far everyone has come in this long journey, and to know how much they’ve changed and changed each other… it really has been amazing. I feel so happy for all of them. I have no doubts that Heero’s parents will love Duo. How could they not when they see how happy he makes their son?!

    I can’t thank you enough for this story. I’ve looked forward to every new part. It’s been a great several months of reading. I have to read it all again sometime, because I know I’m going to miss the guys in this universe. ♥

    1. Awww, crying, really? Well, I am extremely pleased that you liked the ending that much. Thank you a million times for all your comments! I’m so glad that you enjoyed the story, and I’m very grateful for your support. I’m going to miss the guys in this universe too :D

  2. Nooooooo~ It can’t be over! ;;
    That was so good.
    And their reactions to Duo would have been interesting I bet.

    This has been a great read and I hope to see them again someday in this ‘verse. :D
    Thank you for making it so long. (Even if it seems to be ending too soon. Lol) ;p

    1. I know; I can’t believe it’s over either!! And I wrote it! XD But I’m glad you liked the ending, and the rest of the story and how long it was :D Thank you very much for all your comments along the way!

  3. that was a fantastic end!

    curious that you chose to end it there, in Heero’s parents’ house… but beautiful in that it actually ended up being the least important detail XDDD Guess Heero cut some apron strings he didn’t know he had out there on the lawn. I loved the “frigid bitch” comment… so unlike any Heero I can imagine, but it fits!

    well, I guess not an end (to be completely cornball cheezy) but a BEGINNING!

    side story: Relena’s wedding!!

    1. Thank you very much; I’m glad you liked the ending! Yeah, I will admit that Heero’s parents’ house was perhaps an odd venue for the very last scene, but the approach was what it took to get him to break out the L-word and the thing with his parents was the last issue that needed to be addressed. So there you go.

      Yes, Relena’s wedding is something that’s still kinda bouncing around in my head… There is a hypothetical sequel there too, along with a number of side-stories… but I am really, really bad about ever getting side-stories and sequels off the ground, let alone finishing them. So we’ll see.

      Anyway, thank you a million for reading and for all your comments and support along the way; I really appreciate it!

  4. Seeing how much Heero loves and cared for Duo, I’m sure his parents will have no option but to come round to the whole idea and accept Duo as their son’s boyfriend :) I really loved those last two parts, They showed how much the characters grew up, and how much their lifes changed for the better.

    I really can’t express how happy I am that I was able to read this story as it came out. It was truly a ray of sunshine to me nore than once, and was truly something to look forward to. A treat after some rough days. I’m sad to see it finished, because I am sure I would love it even if it was another 100 or 1000 parts long! Thank You so much for gifting us with it :) I’ll be really missing this storyline and your characters, I simply don’t know what else will now make me smile so much, so often :) Thank You, THANK YOU so much! ♥

    1. I agree; I think Relena’s prediction about their reaction and eventual acceptance is exactly correct. And I’m very glad you liked these last couple of parts, and how everything is arranged now.

      I’m also extremely pleased that you enjoyed the whole story so much. I’m going to miss posting it, but I’m still happy to look back on it. Thank you very much for all your comments! I really appreciate them!!

    1. Thank you, thank you! I’m so very glad you liked it! As for the sequel, that is a great unknown at this point. I’m very bad about sequels, so we’ll see! But thanks again ^__^

  5. He will most definitely survive whatever happens. For sure. With Duo at his side, Quatre and Trowa at his back, and Relena and Colin going ahead, he’s got nothing to worry about.

    Beautifully done.

    The whole thing. Great ride!

    1. I agree; I think they will all be relatively happy from here on out. I’m very glad you liked the scene, and the whole story! Thank you so much for reading and for your comments; I really appreciated it! ^___^

    1. Thank you! I’m very glad that you liked the ending! And feel free to imagine something nice about the future with Heero’s parents :D I’m pleased that you liked the story in general; thank you very, very much for reading and for all your comments!

  6. God, I wanted this to go on forever! I loved this story immensely and to see how far everyone progressed, to see how changed they were by each other… to like like a drunk hyena at Wufei… what a RIDE! *hugs and chocolate*

    *hopes like hell for more in the future in this universe*

    1. Thank you very much! I’m glad you liked the story so much. Ooh, and I get hugs and chocolate?? Awesome! Eh heh, Wufei. You aren’t the only drunk hyena on that score XD

      Thanks a ton for all your comments; I really appreciate it. And who knows? Maybe we will see more of this universe in the future…

  7. Wow. *big deep breath* And the main story is over. Congratulations on writing a very engaging, dynamic, fun to read story. I very thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

    I think my first reaction, while reading this final chapter, was to really and truly realize how deeply wounded Heero was by his parents’ rejection of him. He didn’t really get into it that much during the story, but his thoughts in this part really do convey how much it had hurt him and still did hurt him even up to the present. And just the thought of having to go through the entire thing again… no wonder he’s dreading this dinner. Or, as Duo so aptly put it, “freaking out.”

    I also find Relena’s support to be very sweet and yet a bit naive. I’m sure Heero can also see the holes in her reasoning and is just humoring her, knowing that she means well. But if Relena were really “just like mama” then she would have been able to predict that their parents were going to go crazy and shun Heero four years ago. And if she were really just like her mother, she would have rejected and disapproved of her brother as well, avoiding him and ignoring him at the family dinners. *smile* But she wants to reassure him, so the thought is there. And her prognosis of ‘awkward at first, but then gradually they will accept this’ actually seems like a real possibility. Maybe her ability to predict her mother’s reactions has deepened over the past four years.

    Of course, there are no words for the amused endearment I felt for Heero’s love confession. *smile* That was awesome. And having finally been able to confess his feelings to Duo, I’m glad that Heero felt able to face his parents. It’s like Heero had to settle things in his own mind and heart before he could feel comfortable being in the position to possibly have to defend those feelings and thoughts to others who would probably be disapproving. (Uh, run on sentence. Sorry.)

    I think this is a great place to end it – most things are wrapped up, with promises of a lot of happiness in the future while still dealing with the stresses that real life brings. That’s the best part about this story – it have been about a magician and the person he turned into a doll for 87 years, but the whole thing always felt like real life, like something that could happen to your next door neighbor. You deserve high praise for that. *smile*

    Thank you for such an amazing story to read.

    PS: I wonder if Quatre and Trowa really are in Paris right now…. *grin*

    1. I also wanted to share a bit of my thought process on the relationship we’ve shared during the course of the story.

      This is one of the things that I adore about fandom – any fandom. When talented people (or even not so talented but very enthusiastic people) get an idea for a story and start to write it and share it, there’s the platform for immediate interaction between the author and the reader. I read a chapter and post my reactions in a comment. And not only that, but you are free to reply to that comment, and a conversation is started. It’s like we’ve had a conversation spanning the course of months, about the same story, but with new variations and new enthusiastic responses. It’s been so much fun.

      Published authors (or professional authors, I suppose) do not have that opportunity for interaction during the course of their story. They present the story to the reader as a whole, in complete form. Readers read and enjoy, and perhaps even write a letter or an email to the author, but there is no sense of ‘community’ interaction. For something wildly popular (as a random example, Harry Potter), I’m sure the author knows that there has been fanfiction written using their characters. But that author does not get the opportunity to join in, to toss out teasing remarks, to enjoy the sheer exuberance of the audience when they get to a tense moment, to see reactions after something wonderful or horrible happens.

      That is why I love fandom, and that is why I’ve been making sure to leave my comments. Each comment is a new opportunity for us to have a conversation about something we both enjoy, from different perspectives. I’m going to miss that – I’m still adjusting to the fact that there won’t be an update tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll wake up and think, “Is a new chapter posted?” simply because of habit.

      I know you said “thank you for reading and commenting” – well, I want to say: Thank you for sharing your story and allowing us to enjoy your creative ideas. Thank you for commenting back. It’s been fun on this side, too.

      1. These were good thoughts, and I was happy to read them. I agree; the internet is an absolutely unique forum for the sharing of art… nowhere else do you get that kind of fun interaction as something progresses. I’ve been just overjoyed to discuss aspects of this story, and other things those discussions branched out into, with readers as I’ve been posting, and I wouldn’t have had that with any other process of sharing.

        Your comments in particular have always been interesting and fun to respond to, and for that I am extremely grateful. It makes for, as you said, an experience beyond just the writing or the reading of a story; it’s a community thing. I wonder if the original creators of something like Gundam Wing are aware that this sort of complex interaction takes place somewhere, someday, as a result of their creation…

        So Zombie Girl, who often reads the comments and conversations resulting from this story, said yesterday that I need to tell you that she has a crush on you on my behalf. I’ll leave you to work through whatever the hell that means on your own, though XD XD

        Anyway, yes, thank you again a million times for all your wonderful responses and the great conversations we’ve had! It’s been a lot of fun, and I’ve really appreciated talking to you!

    2. One of the subtler themes of this story (at least I hope I managed to make it subtle and yet present enough to be called a theme XD) is that there are different types of curses. Duo’s curse, the most straightforward, was that he was a doll and it sucked. Trowa’s curse was that he was burdened by a weight of guilt that had driven him into almost complete anti-sociability and misery. Quatre’s curse (definitely the subtlest of the four) was that he’d had a string of boyfriends that were absolutely wrong for him.

      And Heero’s curse was that his parents wouldn’t accept him the way he was. The latter two problems only have implied solutions within the story, since (though we definitely hope) we don’t know for sure that Trowa won’t be every bit as bad as Quatre’s previous guys; and of course I ended it before we got to see about Heero’s parents… but the precedent had been established by the successful breaking of the more obvious curses, so I hope I managed to imply that those other issues would also eventually be cleared up because of the events of the story.

      So, yes, my point is that Heero was indeed very troubled by his parents’ rejection. Being Heero, of course, though, he’s never been one to show it much XD

      I have to disagree about Relena, though. I think a person can very easily be like another person (particularly a parent) in personality without sharing their beliefs and other aspects of their character. You may be right, however, that she may have grown more like her mother during the last four years and may be better able now than she was back then to predict the outcome of certain events.

      So I got these last three comments of yours while I was at Wal-Mart with Zombie Girl, and I was reading it aloud to her… and I got to your run-on sentence and totally ran out of breath before the end XD XD Then your apology made it that much funnier. It was a good sentence, though; I think you’re absolutely right that Heero needed to get things worked out in his own head before he could go in there and face his parents — and at the same time, the knowledge that he was going in there to face his parents was kinda the last push he needed to get things worked out, like he couldn’t put it off any longer.

      I’m very glad you found the magical events believable. Being primarily a writer of drama/romance, I tend to think that (in my type of story) the fantasy I love so much should be more of a setting or a backdrop than a really important part of the story. Of course it often moves the story, but the really important part should be the character interaction. So if I achieved that, I am extremely pleased.

  8. This is precisely why I love this fandom. Even after 10 or so years, we still get to read/experience something fresh and exciting from the boys from really awesome writers. Thank you so much for sharing this. And here’s to hoping we get a few trickles from this universe once in a while. :)

    1. It’s nice to find a fandom with the kind of longevity that attracts new authors even a decade later, isn’t it? I’m pleased to have found Gundam Wing ^__^ Thank you very much for your comments; I’m glad you liked the story! There may or may not be further action in this universe; I have quite a bit in mind, but whether or not I ever write it is, if you’ll excuse the pun, another story :D

  9. Wow! That was the coolest ending ever.
    I know it is open ending.
    And we could spend hours speculating on how they would react.
    But honestly speaking, how many fanfics have Heero presenting Duo Maxwell as his boyfriend.
    I love it.
    I am so thrilled with the idea.
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful fanfic with us. Your time and energy is well appreciated by me.

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you; I’m very glad you liked the ending and the entire story so much. I appreciate all your comments all along; thank you so much for reading!! ^____^

  10. This was a wonderful story. I very much enjoyed the characters here and how they dealt with the situations, their relationships and friendships and pretty much everything. Thank you for a wonderful read.

    1. Thanks very much! I’m very happy that you enjoyed the ending! Do you know, when I posted the first half of Plastic on, I was hoping it would bring some people here to read the rest of it and possibly further into the series… and yet you are, to my knowledge, the only person that came! I really appreciate that you did, and all your kind comments!

    1. And thank you again for the comment and all the likes! I woke up to 17 emails, which was pretty damn exciting! I’m very glad you enjoyed the story ^__^

      1. Your welcome. I thoroughly enjoyed this fic, and will probably be reading it again in the future. Please keep writing Gundam Wing fanfiction!

        In that author’s note that you were stating that author’s sometimes put in their own preferences, (bi-sexual vs homosexual) was an interesting tid-bit. I have never read another one of your stories, but when I read them in the future I’ll be on the look out. After the first sentence of that note, I was expecting an apology for Heero liking Burger King. Don’t worry… it was late.

        1. Heero liking Burger King might well merit an apology :D I’m not a big Burger King fan myself, but I have heard people say they have the best fries in the fast food business. Heero probably falls into that camp, heh.

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