I’m in a bit of a daze today, and maybe a little depressed. It’s not like I’ve never posted the end of a long story before; it’s just that this one broke a number of records and did a number of things differently than other long stories, and I’ve been so very invested in it. There was also a bit of the unhappiness I have previously mentioned when I had the urge to remark to my parents over dinner how weird it felt to be posting the end at last, but restrained myself. Fortunately, I will go see Zombie Girl after work, and we will talk GW and that will be awesome.

I keep forgetting to mention Brandie. She’s my co-worker, and she’s cool. What’s weird is that customers keep asking us if we’re sisters, because apparently, to them, we “look just like each other.” It’s weird because… we don’t. Seriously. We have different complexion types, very different features, different hair (dye can change the color, but not the texture and thickness), and very different builds. I think the customers are unable to look past the fact that we both wear glasses and have our hair up most of the time. It’s still really strange.

Eighteen days ’til my birthday!