So ZG and I got some dinner and then we were going to see Green Lantern and find out if Wufei was right. But when we went to buy tickets, we discovered that the showing we’d been sitting around waiting for was only in 3D. So instead we went back to the house she’s house-sitting at and watched the first episode of Sherlock on Netflix. And oOoOoOoh wow, it was so fantastic. I never really thought those two guys could get any gayer without crossing the subtext/canon line, but OMFG was I wrong. There was one particular conversation I think we rewatched, like, four times. We may have to watch the second episode after my worky today.

Oh, I really need to get on my art exchanges, since I’ve got two to do this month and we’re already halfway through. I will be happy when August is over, though, since every 8 I write has a tendency to look like crap. Much like most of my drawings… hmm… Anyway, perhaps I will get started on one of those tomorrow. Definitely not today, though, on account of Rose Pale is being cooperative. Of course I’ve got drawing I need to do for that too… maybe after I’ve done my exchange pieces for the month I will feel like Rose Pale drawing as well. Weeeee shall seeeeee.

So my overall hitcount for the entire archive has been, during these last eight months, usually around 30-40 on non-Plastic days and 50-70 on Plastic days. Sometimes I can tell that someone’s gone all through a story or multiple stories because the numbers will be significantly higher (especially if it’s Plastic or GEF or something), but usually I don’t see numbers higher than the mid 100’s. Yesterday’s overall hitcount? 525. I was like O_O I haven’t seen a number like that since the active days of Rurouni Kenshin! How exciting!

So it seems like the ebooks were a good idea. The Plastic pdf has had nine downloads since I put it up. My inner review-whore protests still, since someone that reads the story in ebook form is far less likely to comment on any of it, but it’s much better to provide such an easily-readable format as a convenience to readers than to hold out for reviews XD I intend to have a downloadable ebook for every finished story eventually, but right now there are only four of them. I’m glad I got the idea to do that before I finished posting Plastic, though.

So there are now seventeen days ’til my birthday. One of these days I really must tell about the present I already got, since it is terribly exciting and awesome. Not right now, though.