In a dream I had, my family was moving into this giant mansion (so common a dream theme that I think I need a tag for it). I could fly, of course, and was exploring the mansion all around. I still worked for Verizon, apparently, and this guy that also lived in the giant mansion with us also worked at Verizon. He was so enthusiastic about it that one day while we were driving around in the car several hours before I had to be at work, he introduced me to this family that was having signal issues on their phones and asked me to fix it. I was like -__- But I looked at the map and discovered that the island they lived on (in the middle of a giant lake in Fort Collins, because why not?) only had signal on about half of its area. So I was asking them whether they spent enough time off the island to make it worth keeping the phones.

Then I had to go back home to the mansion to take a shower before I went to work and actually started getting paid to do this sort of thing. And evidently, in commemoration of moving into this big ol’ house, each person in the family had gotten a betta. Everyone but me had moved theirs from the little cup it came in into a bigger tank sort of thing, and I noticed that my fellow Verizon employee that lived with us (he was a rather extravagant fellow) had put his into a ginormous tank with all sorts of little plants and castles and stuff. I planned on putting mine into an appropriate tank after my shower, in which it was apparently fairly important that my betta join me. So that was weird.

Last night Zombie Girl and I did indeed watch the rest of Sherlock. I thought the second two episodes were not as good as the first, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t great. ALSO SO GAY. So now we just have to wait until next year for more, mou.

Sixteen days until I’m thirty-one!