La la la. I have slept so badly for the past two nights. I made sure to be back in at a reasonable time last night since I have to work at nine today, but really I might as well just have hung out with Zombie Girl ’til all hours for all the good being in bed did me.

Six days ’til my birthday! I think some customers thought it was yesterday, though, since they left me a little jar with candy in and a nice tag ^__^ This was very sweet of thems, especially considering I haven’t even helped them all that many times since I started.

I made a Twitter account on a whim. I almost didn’t, though, when I discovered that my name was taken. I complained about this a while back… how my fairly unique “kuroiyousei” had started to be used by somebody else and that was annoying.

I don’t even really have anything else to say.