NOW GUESS WHAT TODAY IS. Sankyuu to and for birthday wishes and a sunflower ^____^

I painted my nails a rainbow for the occasion, and I fully plan on putting makeup on my face before I have to go to work. It sucks that I have to work seven hours + cramps on my birthday, but what can you do. Incidentally, I need to figure out a better way to do rainbow nails. The numbering of fingernails is inconvenient for one of each color, since then two of thems don’t get repeated; maybe a more gradiented rainbow is in order… I shall ponder this.

Yesterday was marvelously productive. I got my room cleaned up (why do I always feel the need to append a “finally” to that phrase?) and all my laundry done, and I did some good work on Rose Pale, and went grocery shopping for my mom and got all the things for my very important birthday food tomorrow, and ordered a very important cakie.

I’m breaking tradition after, like, twenty years by not having carrot cake. For one thing, it’s pretty well the unhealthiest cake in the world, and it’s ginormous and I usually end up eating about 2/3 of it, which is… not healthy. For another, I really am allergic to carrots, and the cake has had a tendency to do bad things to me on a yearly basis. So, dear carrot cake, I am very sorry, and I do still love you, but this year I will have an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. On account of I am 31.

Normally I like to at least try to have something to post on my birthday, but, as I mentioned, all I worked on yesterday was Rose Pale and that is not at a posting stage yet. So no birthday present from me this year. I might have finished my ASZz chapter if I’d crunched on it, but… I didn’t. Ah, well.

Did I mention I’m a little annoyed about how much I have to work today? SUCH IS FATE. Now I shall go get dressed and put birthday makeup on. What about that.