Oops, journal-neglect again. Let’s catch up.

So I’ve been spending all the time in the world with Zombie Girl lately, which is the best way to spend time. We have rewatched Sherlock about ten times, not just because she’s developed an interesting obsession with it but because (as I may have mentioned) she wants a fic for her birthday so I’m sort of crash-coursing. I took some good notes last night, and I may be ready to start writing after work today.

She is writing the cutest Sherlock/John story evar, and I can’t wait for it to be anything. Her insanely detailed “outline” is just fabulous. She is also (I think I mentioned) supposedly going to be continuing that GW fic she abandoned; she promised me the next chapter for my birthday (though at the rate she’s going it may be for my thirty-second birthday, especially since this Sherlock fixation of hers seems to have derailed even the mighty OTQ in her head).

Speaking of which, conversation with ZG has also helped me solidify (for a given value of ‘solid’) how things are going to be laid out in the Plastic universe henceforth. At the moment the plan is for there to be two one-shots first, then a long chaptered story (whose structure has become a good deal more clear to me), then something that will be either a long one-shot or a short chaptered fic and will contain the first Wufei POV of the entire series XD Poor Wufei. Aanyway, I kinda want an over-title for the whole thing, since it’ll be a pain in the ass to keep labeling things “a sequel to Plastic.” Of course, this could just be the usual overambition, since we all know how I am about sequelous material of any sort.

I have been doing quite well on Rose Pale lately, though. I paused in my forward progress on chapter 12 to go back over the whole thing, aaaaand I really love this story. It’s extravagant, and Trowa is such a drama queen inside his head. And Heero and Duo are sometimes just too cute for words. Back to chapter 12, though, which I may work on at work today.

I’ve also been working on Heretic’s Reward some lately. Poe, that’s a fantastic story. What is wrong with me; why do I sit here talking about how awesome my own stories are. Anyway, I’ve been slowly formulating a GW story set in the same world, and I got some insight into that yesterday too. Yesterday was a good day. ZG is the best for inspiration and motivation.

So you see that when I say, “Let’s catch up,” I mean, “Let’s talk about fanfiction.” What else have I done lately? I dunno. My mom bought me a super-cute shirt and some wonderful jeans the other day, which was good since the only jeans I had left that (mostly) fit were developing a hole in the bum. Also the shirt is a sparklebii *__* And yesterday when ZG and I were out and about, I found this amazing dress for $10, and she bought me a lovely shirt. So I guess that’s what’s happened to me lately: fanfiction and clothing. Yay!

Oh, actually, there were dreams too:

In one dream, there was some movie ZG really wanted me to watch. This undoubtedly arose from her rhapsodizing about Aliens IRL. Anyway, we were driving on a motorcycle to my grandma’s house to watch this movie, passing all the shops and the peoples, and we were a bit lost. But I heard people talking in the next street over and knew our destination was in that direction.

However, when we got there, we were not at my grandma’s house watching a movie but, as is often the case in my dreams, suddenly the stars of the movie. We confronted the main bad guy for the final showdown, and as he was finishing his evil monologue the sarcophagi nearby began to shift, and the mummies came out!! So I was fighting one mummy and she was fighting the other mummy. When I defeated mine by bashing its head against the wall, it exploded and a gun fell out in two pieces. It took me a minute to figure out how the parts went together, but I knew that this gun could defeat the boss. By the time I had it done, ZG had joined me. Enthusiastically I asked her, “Did you defeat your mummy? Did its head explode? Did something come out?” in this manner like, “Did you get a prize?”

So we used the gun to defeat the baddie, though we graciously allowed him to live. Then ZG went to brush her teeth, and I on the way out of the evil lair saw a box of chocolates that I decided to take. This was a momentary moral dilemma, but I decided that, having defeated the guy, I was allowed some spoils of victory and chocolates qualified. I picked out all the dark chocolate ones, though, and left those, since I don’t like them much.

I woke up from this dream just supremely amused at the gleeful, “Did its head explode?” bit and also thinking how hot a biker babe Zombie Girl would be.

OK, there have been a few other dreams I want to mention, but I need to leave for work here pretty soon, so I’ll save that for another time.