Zombie Girl came over last night and we worked hard on writings for several hours while cat protested my staying up so late. I wrote quite a bit of Rose Pale while ZG made good progress on her awesome Sherlock story. Speaking of Rose Pale, I did the picture for chapter 7 on Sunday. I kindof hate it, but ZG thinks it looks great. We’ll see if it gets to stay.

Then last night/this morning, I dreamed that there was a sumbarine going around looking for some kind of signal from the underwater kingdom. There was a het couple aboard that were secret agents. Also there was a little kid that was sometimes Yahiko, sometimes a young Sherlock, and sometimes I. Sometimes also Sherlock was the captain of the sumbarine, and I was myself. I asked him why we couldn’t just contact the underwater kingdom and ask them instead of doing this painstaking search, and he replied with a detailed and organized list of reasons why. Then something bad happened, and the kid admitted that he had sat on some piece of equipment and broken it, and apparently this had affected our engine and we were sinking helplessly to the bottom of the seeeaaaa. In the dream I thought this was poor characterization of the kid, and was kindof annoyed that things had gone this direction.

In a different dream, I was Holmes’s partner a la Russ (the dream did not specify whether or not there was romantic interest). He and I were staking out some place to see if we needed to do something about it? or something? Only I was in the car with my parents and these three little girls we were taking care of, and Holmes was about thirty yards away. I was just about to declare the whole thing a bust when suddenly a clue appeared! In the form of, like, airplanes carrying around giant pieces of metal or something. Anyway, I jumped out of the car and looked toward Holmes, and he called out to me to meet him at the [Something] Square and then ran off.

I turned to my parents and asked them impatiently if they’d heard that first word; they replied they hadn’t, but we and the little girls all went off looking for whatever Square we could find. About halfway there I discovered to my annoyance that I’d left my purse (containing my cell phone and my lip gloss) in the car, and my lips were already crackingly dry. But I was so sure of Holmes’s badassedness that I knew he would not only meet us wherever we happened to end up, he would also bring my things with him.

It has been raining all day, which is rather unusual ’round these parts, and it has been very pretty and nice. Yay rains! It is still raining ^__^ Also, I have finished my Rose Pale chapter 12.