Excerpt from an lj entry I stumbled upon whilst tagging older entries: “Vampires are awesome, but to me they equal angst more than sex. Mostly because of the lack of circulation. Took took took. Took bloods around. It’s very important to suck all the blood. What if you were in a coffin wis a door? What about that.” Gaiz, this made me laugh so hard. Why am I awesome.

I got up late today after having gone to bed fairly early last night, so at least I am well-rested today. Lately I have been working on getting various fics into ebook format because that’s cool to have, so I worked on that for a couple of hours while listening to YTP’s. MAH BOI. I’m having problems with 漸進的 な 会得 – Gradual Understanding because of the Japanese characters; I got them to work in the .pdf, but so far the .prc is being uncooperative.

Anyway, after that… My parents bought a ginormous new treadmill recently; it has all the settings in the world. So I played with that for an hour and started reading a Pratchett that I only have in hard-copy. Then I took a shower, and the idea after that was to work on ZG’s birthday present story. Well. Like, four hours later I have not even written one single word. I try to think about it and my mind goes blank. I am just not interested in writing for that fandom, and it doesn’t help that Rose Pale chapter 13 is caaalllliiiiiing meeeeeeee. Aaargh, but I promised her. Dammit.

What I ended up doing almost exclusively was tagging lj entries, which is one of those things that is technically productive on account of I really want to get it done but doesn’t feel at all productive and leaves me feeling bleak and empty inside.

I’m the hungriest person in the world right now, and I really want some manner of Asian food involving noodles. After I see about that, I’ll see about some real productivity for the rest of the evening. Wish me luck.