I have been with Zombie Girl almost every waking moment when I wasn’t at work for the last, like, week. This is fantabulous, but it also means I have not written in my lj at all! Of course by now I’ve forgotten everything I might have wanted to say from most of those days, but whatever.

I finished Rose Pale chapter 13 yesterday, and I think it’s pretty great. Now I’m working on chapter 14, and I think that’s pretty great too. ZG says she will let me off writing her that Sherlock story for her birthday if I instead start the cave-troll story. Actually she said she’d write the Sherlock story for me if I let her know what I was planning for it, and that is awesome. Also, I doubt I’ll have anywhere near as hard a time with cave-trolling.

Parents are in England having a cool time in England. Good jobon them. It’s nice to have the house to myself so I can walk around naked and burn candles if I want. And I think that’s all I have to say.

Oh, except for that weird dream I had this morning. In it, I had been made the hiring manager at my work. The idea of my cheap-ass little workplace having something like a hiring manager is hilarious. Anyway, so in the dream I was interviewing this lady that was all gung-ho confidence like, “Oh, I know you’re going to hire me,” and it was bugging the crap out of me. In addition to being the hiring manager, I also had my regular job to do, and there was nobody else working at that point, so when customers came in I had to get up and leave the interviewee to go help them.

So right out in plain sight of customers and stuff, there was a corpse hanging by its neck. And in comes this family of regular customers that I was quite fond of in this dream. One of the little girls in this family kept coming behind the counter, and I kept having to tell her to stop climbing the ladder or pushing the button. I totally completely ignored this dangling corpse — I saw it; I just didn’t pay it any attention — and went about trying to get this family’s clothes. But then they parked their car right in front of the belt so I couldn’t get at the clothes.

At this point several more customers had come in, and I realized I should probably do something about the corpse because it was unprofessional for customers to see. Seriously, in this dream this was my sole motivation XD So I was sitting in the passenger seat of this family’s car calling the police, while the lady I’d been interviewing was trying to placate all the customers that weren’t being helped. So that was a strange dream.

I am tired. Dunno what I will do now.