Sundays are sad now without Tiger and Bunny. Oh, is it Wednesday already and I’m just making this comment? That’s because I’ve still been spending every waking non-work hour with Zombie Girl. It was her birthday yesterday, and in honor of that I managed to get a sort of preview done for her of that Sherlock fic I’m attempting to write at her request. It may work out yet. She liked my gimmick, anyway, and that’s the important point.

There’s a concert next week that we were thinking of going to, but everything has turned out unpropitious and therefore it shall not happen. My parents are coming back from teh England the day before it, though, so at least I shall hear all about interesting times in far-off lands.

Before they left, mom asked me one day whilst I was out and about to find some saltwater taffy for a friend over there (apparently it’s difficult to find in England?). The store I visited had some sugar-free taffy and some “candy corn” taffy of whose precise nature I was uncertain (though presumably it tastes at least a bit like candy corn). I got some of both. Mom, being a snob, rejected the sugar free kind as unfit for her friend, and left it here. I’ve been eating it slowly all week, and it’s really freaking good. Their loss, my gain.

Some The Snake, the Crocodile, and the Dog thoughts: I had forgotten that Bertha is half Egyptian. Or, rather, I had never considered it in the light of Maryam and the fact that there are more interracial unions and mixed-race members of Amelia’s family than I had previously thought. Good for Sethos!

So, speaking of Sethos, the point I really wanted to make: the message Amelia receives from “Schlange” says of Emerson, He claims his memory is faulty, and, recent experiences may well have had an adverse effect upon his mind. To me, this does not immediately suggest amnesia; it suggests Emerson being a smartass claiming not to remember what his interrogator wants to know. So why does “Cyrus” without question assume that Emerson is pretending to have amnesia? Whose mind would jump to that possibility on such evidence?

Might not “Cyrus” have more information than he’s admitting to Amelia at this point? Some bribed insider among “Schlange’s” men that might have told him that Emerson appears to be claiming amnesia, and possibly told him of Emerson’s precise location before Abdullah ever discovers it? This theory doesn’t change anything at all; it only leads to is a firmer conclusion of Sethos’ cold-bloodedness during this stage, but it’s interesting to think about.

And now I shall go to work, and then go to Zombie Girl.