I dreamed that Sherlock Holmes (Russ version, though probably in his late forties) was in my house and we were solving some kind of case together. The bad guy turned out to be a talking doll (where could that idea possibly have come from???), whom we defeated and tied up. At one point when I went back into the room where dollface was, I noticed that a couple of my underwears were next to him. And I realized in a flash that Holmes had been looking through my underwear drawer because he had a crush on me. Because, you know, it’s totally in character for Sherlock Holmes to express a crush that way.

Apparently I not only returned these feelings of his, but thought his behavior was totally cute and not-creepy XD So I said to him flirtatiously, “Holmes, were you rooting through my underwears?” And he was like, “Yes, I thought they might be effective in tying up our villain.” Now, I wear string-bikini thongs, and they would, admittedly, have made very effective ropes for a Barbie-sized doll villain, so this was a plausible excuse on Holmes’ part. So I turned coyly away to leave the room as if there was nothing more to say. But Holmes wrapped his arms around me from behind, and I turned and we started madly making out. I laughed so hard when I woke up.

Another dream was the standard going-back-to-high-school dream where I realized that the next day was my first day of school and I’d neglected to inform work that I needed to change my schedule — so they would be expecting me at eleven in the morning, when I would be at school. There was some of the usual, “oh, it’s going to look strange that I, a thirty-one-year-old woman, have not finished high school and am somehow allowed back in.” Then I realized that I didn’t have to go back to high school at all, and could go to work as usual, and that was a relief XD

Then there was another McDonald’s dream. Man, a going-back-to-high-school dream and a working-at-McDonald’s-again dream within the same couple of days! What kind of luck is that! I don’t remember most of this one (not that the details of McDonald’s-again dreams are ever terribly important, except for that one with the Baby Bowsers), but I do remember that I toasted a Filet-O-Fish bun and also put onions and other random shit on the sandwich.

A fourth dream was horrible and sad and horrible, so don’t even read about it. Zombie Girl and I were driving along talking about something or listening to music or reading fanfiction or something, and she missed the turn to wherever we were going. I instructed her to make a U-turn at the next feasible spot, but as she did so we were, instead of riding in a car, paddling a canoe. But it was one of those dream-style changes where it may actually have been that way all along and it was totally normal and OK. As we turned, the canoe filled up entirely with water, but this also was apparently OK and something to be expected from a U-turn.

To get back to where we were going, we had to go up this trough that twisted all around like a waterslide of sorts, and this involved pulling on the sides of the trough with our hands to get the canoe to go up. This, too, was evidently OK, and we just kept talking about whatever.

In one twist of the trough that was above us at this point, there were some kids in a canoe doing the same thing we were. I believe there was a boy and a girl and their baby brother, whom they were watching for the day. They were tired of hauling themselves up the trough, and decided to just lift the canoe out of it entirely and dive down freefall-style to the open water below. I’m not sure why they thought this was a good idea. In doing so, their canoe went right over Zombie Girl’s head in an uncomfortable and inconvenient way.

I was ready to yell at the kids for doing this to Zombie Girl, but just then the baby fell out of the canoe. He fell all the way down to where there were some train tracks below above the open water, and landed on his head. He died instantly, and then his body fell into the water. Zombie Girl had not noticed this because she’d been busy having a canoe on her head, but I couldn’t stop staring and staring in utter horror.

That is the end of the horrible dream. It was hateful. I don’t know why I write such things down.

Does anyone else want to find a bucket full of shit and dump it over the heads of all scanslators that put idiotic little “translator’s notes” bashing off-pairing love interests, extolling the virtues of abusive psychopaths, and dictating to the characters what they should and shouldn’t be doing and feeling right into the middle of manga chapters? Seriously, that makes me rage like nothing else. It’s bad enough to see that kind of bullshit just around fandom in general; I do not want to have to put up with it in the middle of the actual manga.

In other news, I am still in love with Zombie Girl. This probably isn’t news to anyone, though it might be to her.

Rose Pale chapter 14 has reached linear completion, and 15 is about 1/3 of the way there. ZG suggested a possible epilogue a while back, and I adooored the idea, so after chapter 15 there will also be that epilogue. Ah, how close to the end I am!! Then I just have a few more pictures to draw (actually, like, half of thems), and then it will be entirely finished!! That is so very exciting. I also got an idea for a little side-story/prequel the other day, and it’s so cute that I may actually write it this time. (Whom do I think I’m kidding saying that?)

OK, the end.