I was in this house. The dream was never clear about whose house it was, but it didn’t seem to have any furniture in it. In any case, I was hanging out with my girlfriend Relena and these two guys. They were sometimes Midorikawa Hikaru and Seki Toshihiko, and sometimes Heero and Duo, but they always looked like Heero and Duo and mostly acted like them (Heero was a little more casual and cheerful than usual), so I don’t know why it mattered. So anyway, Relena was just quietly sitting against a wall reading, and Heero and Duo were messing around.

For some reason (they may have been drinking), they got to pretending that they were kids in an orphanage, and they were totally hamming it up. Like, “Oh, when I came to live AT THIS ORPHANAGE, I met this OTHER ORPHAN that I really want to BECOME GOOD FRIENDS WITH.” Well, that was Heero’s idea of pretending to be at an orphanage. Duo’s involved singing Sister Christian by Night Ranger at the top of his lungs even though he didn’t know most of the words. He would fill in the gaps with Gundam Wing references, which made even Heero laugh. I was just lying around on the floor playing with these pens that belonged to Relena and me (they were souvenirs of something), and watching Heero and Duo and laughing at them.

At one point they burst out onto the balcony in a very musical-esque finale-to-the-song scene, which Duo of course spoiled with his lyrical improv, and that was hilarious. This was a freaking awesome dream and I loved it to pieces.