I have very little to say other than that Rose Pale is rolling and that I read Snuff since I got paid yesterday and became able to afford it. Oh, I suppose I might as well mention what I’ve been meaning to and kept forgetting/neglecting.

A while back I got a craving to watch (or at least listen to) She-Ra: Princess of Power (to nerdily give the whole title, if I may) again; so lately whenever I’ve been drawing and the other day when I wasn’t feeling well, I’ve been making my way through the episodes. But you see, the last time I did that was a few years back before I really got into Gundam Wing, and, gaiz, I forgot about Catra.

I mean, I didn’t forget about Catra, but I didn’t take into consideration the fact that her name is pronounced the same as a differently-spelled name from another fandom. There are a lot of aspects of She-Ra that make me laugh so hard I cry, but I was not expecting this. Every time someone refers to Catra’s evil plan or Catra’s attack-bots or escaping from Catra or Hordak not being too pleased with Catra, or, worse yet, whenever She-Ra makes some kind of bantery, secretly-semi-flirtatious remark directed at Catra and uses Catra’s name… I just lose it. I honestly didn’t think the show could get any funnier, but evidently I can, after all, be wrong about things.

Matter of fact, I think I’ll draw for the rest of the night. I’m in full absorption mode after Snuff, so I’m unlikely to get any writing done.