I dreamed that I was a crewmember on a flying pirate ship. There were two of my fellow crewmembers that I liked to flirt with, but I was only actually interested in one of them. We took on some passengers, and I was flirting with those ones I mentioned. It wasn’t a very eventful dream, but it was kinda cool.

At work yesterday the saddest thing happened. This old lady called and said, “I’m outside your store right now in my car. I’m handicapped; is there anyone in there who can come out and help me bring in my clothes I need done?” And I looked outside and there was no car in sight. So I told the lady she must have called the wrong location. She described the store she was in front of, and I was going to look up the number for it… but then the cordless phone died. It has a tendency to do that after not all that long out of the cradle. And once it’s dead, the cradle still rings when there’s a call but you can’t answer on account of the actual phone being dead. So not only did I fail to help this handicapped old lady, I undoubtedly made her think I’d hung up on her and then ignored her if she called back. Suck.

My epilogue is being kinda bratty. I’ve been writing single lines at random, and can only hope I’ll be able to connect them into something coherent eventually XD Therefore I’ve been mostly just drawing for the last couple of days. I drawed this one, but I’m not sure how much I like it. Next I shall work on my Rose Pale chapter 10 picture. Actually I started sketching, and I think I’ll be OK with the idea I have, but then I didn’t feel like drawing anymore.

In awesome news, most and possibly all of my far-flung family members will be here within the next week. That is so freaking exciting.