I dreamed that Zombie Girl convinced me to watch a horror movie. In the first scene of this movie, the main character, a young woman, was in a room or cell whose door had one of those rectangular holes at eye level you can see your visitors through. Of course, this being a dream, I the viewer of the movie was actually in this room perhaps being the main character while I watched, which made it creepier.

People kept coming up to the door and saying things to her/me; only a part of each person’s face was visible through the hole, but it was enough to see that every single one of them was crazy as hell. One of them was even foaming at the mouth, with flecks of blood. The things they were saying were always incoherent and sometimes vaguely threatening. This raised all sorts of questions. Was this an old-fashioned insane asylum of some sort? Was the main character herself an inmate? Were these people coming to the door other inmates, and, if so, why were they wandering around freely menacing others? Finally, a rational-sounding guy — actually I got the feeling that he was an acquaintance or even a brother to the main character — came to the door and started talking rationally to her, but he did not show himself. This was probably for the best, since halfway through what he was saying he was cut off, and there followed sounds as if he was being beaten and/or crushed to death.

At this point in the dream, I turned the movie off and went to bed, shaking. At this point in real life, I woke up, shaking. Then cat jumped onto my bed and just about scared me to death.

When I finally managed to get back to sleep after that, I dreamed that I was visiting my great-uncle’s snake farm. There were a million snakies, and they were, as snakies tend to be, extremely cute. However, lots and lots of them bit me, and nobody around would tell me whether or not any of them were venomous. So I was… concerned… about that. Also, Tokio was there and I was really worried about her, since I didn’t want any snakies to bite her at all, venomous or otherwise.

In a third dream, I’d gotten a new apartment with a roommate. This roommate was a guy, and I was fervently hoping he was gay, or at least that he would not get any weird ideas about my rooming with him and think we were going to be romantically involved in any way. Whilst I was looking around the new apartment, I went to examine the balcony, and it collapsed and fell right down. Balconies in my dreams are rarely stable. Anyway, there was a piano on the balcony, and somehow my roommate brought it back up undamaged after the collapse. He wouldn’t tell me how he’d done it, though, and I was astonished and wondering whether he might be some kind of superhero.

That’s all the dreams I have to report on right now. Lester is here, and yesterday we had awesome Symphony of the Night times. Soon Pookster et al will arrive, and I will play with Deedle all daaaayyyy!!!! And see Baby Wywic whom I have never met!!! OH THE EXCITEMENT. Mostle and Jakebii perhaps will appear tomorrow? There was some prettiful snow yesterday, which may have made things difficult for their appearance, but today it already looks nicely melty, so I think there is hope.