It turns out Mostle and Jakebii can appear after all! Though to do so I guess they’re driving through the night, which is worrisome for worried people like me and my mom. Hopefully they will make it just fine.

So I was playing with Deedle whenever, and he had a toy of Metroman and a toy of an airplane. He kept making it so that the airplane was going to crash, at which point Metroman would rescue it. Then he started switching it up at times so that Metroman was falling and the airplane would rescue him. But then suddenly they were both falling! And I said, “Oh, no! Who’s going to rescue them now?” Very placidly he replied, “Grandpa.” When my dad came home, I had to inform him that he is a superhero even when not actually present.

We all went to Chili’s the other day, and Deedle decided he was tired and went to sleep under the table.

All that snow we got (it was about a foot) melted very quickly, so, although I promised Deedle that we would build a snowman, there wasn’t actually any snow left on the grass to roll into balls. But we were not to be deterred!

Today I went to work, and we were utterly dead for the first two hours. So I worked on my next story, which is (tentatively) called What Not To Do and is slowly but surely moving into an appropriate headspace for actually being written. At home I’ve mostly just been editing Rose Pale (when I’ve been working on anything at all and not having awesome family thymes). Speaking of Rose Pale, I love everyone. Comments that I got on today’s chapter made my freaking year.

OK, I think that’s all I have to say right now.