Aight, it is time to tell about some things. Where shall I start. Mostle and Jakebii appeared, and that was awesome, but then they went away again. I am annoyed because I wanted to get a reference pose out of them whilst they were here and I completely forgot. It’s important because I haven’t been able to find anything even remotely close to what I need online. Usually I can find something that will work even if it’s not specifically what I’d envisioned, but for this one I’ve got something precisely in mind that I just haven’t been able to find. Mou.

Anyway, Pookster etc. are still here for a little longer. On Saturday night after work there was a Halloween party. Baby Wywic was the world’s most adorable Skelet, but the best part was watching Deedle try to play the grab-a-donut-on-a-string-with-your-mouth game. He threw himself on the floor on his stomach in front of the donut and made mouthing movements at it, but almost never actually touched it. It was like he was just pretending to play the same, so we gave him XP for roleplaying.

When he went to trick-or-treat at the party, he wouldn’t actually say “Trick or treat!” Instead he walked up to each person and said, “Please?” Which was freaking adorable and hilarious. He was a pirate, incidentally, and so was P, and because of that I dug out my old pirate costume and made it sortof work. I modified my old high boots, and that worked really well.

Then on Sunday I dyed my hair pink. I was originally intending to do Gojyo hair, but the color came out all wrong so instead it was just… pink hair. The biggest problem was that I hadn’t realized how much damn hair I have. It’s at the second-longest it’s ever been, and I’ve never dyed it when it was anywhere near this long. Turns out the contents of one bleach bottle or one bottle of dye do not cover all of it. So I’ve got some interesting stripes and gradients that I didn’t intend. But whatevs. It’s definitely pink. Incidentally, during the dyeing process, at one point I was blonde, and, wow, I should never be blonde. The hair itself looked quite nice, but against my face it was something of a nightmare XD

Then Zombie Girl and I went to Chili’s and then we got the pumpkin Blizzard from Dairy Queen and HOLY CRAP THAT THING IS SO FREAKING GOOD. Then she came over to my house and we watched the first two eps of Sherlock because Lesta hadn’t seen them and ZG was going through withdrawal. Lester appropriately appreciated their majesty, so good jobon that.

At work yesterday, some people commented on my pink hairs. One old guy (who apparently needs a new prescription) greeted me with, “Well, hey, Blondie!” And I was like, “I don’t think ‘blonde’ is an appropriate description.” He totally ignored this statement.

After work we took Deedle trick-or-treating through the neighborhood. Once again he wouldn’t say “Trick or treat!” but this time he just stared in silence at whoever opened each door. He would answer select questions, such as “Are you a pirate?” and would say “Thank you” when prompted, but mostly he was entirely silent. This was pretty hilarious.

Then we came back and watched the third episode of Sherlock, so now Lester has seen all of it. That is good. Now he can pine along with us. Then we all went to Wal-Mart, which was important.

Why do I still see shooting stars every time I’m with her at night? She thinks we wouldn’t be happy together. Mou.

The other night I dreamed that ZG and I were going to visit Terry Pratchett. We were on our way there in some kind of flying car, and we were either watching a Discworld cartoon of some sort or seeing something real that was happening in real life, or possibly both because dream logic.

Recently there had been a lot of problem with giants (something I don’t remember existing at all on the Disc, though I could be wrong) and humans treating them like shit (the way humans like to treat everything). Recently there had been a problem with giantesses having half-human baby girls (all girls, for some reason), because these half-giant children were being treated even more like shit. In this cartoon that might have been reality, the giants were played by live-action humans, which was a nice touch because it really helped to emphasize the otherness these poor people were experiencing.

Anyway, we got to Pratchett’s house, and there was this group of high schoolers there as well. Actually, this was partially a going-back-to-high-school dream, but that was a sort of backdrop. I think the high schoolers were there for a field trip or something; we might have been too, but the dream wasn’t terribly clear on that. They were not nearly as enthusiastic about meeting Terry Pratchett as anyone with half a brain would be we were.

Pratchett was asking everyone all these questions, and the high schoolers were responding in a fairly lackluster fashion. I, paying better attention, realized that he was sounding out the crowd. I turned to Zombie Girl and said, “He’s got one. He’s got one of those half-giant babies, and he wants to bring it out, and he’s trying to figure out how everyone in the room will react if he does.” This was pretty clearly inspired by Snuff.

The problem was that all the reporters and stuff were just outside the window spying, and if Pratchett brought out the baby for us to see, they would take all these pictures and there would be this big scandal. But Pratchett hadn’t noticed this!! So I reached up and touched my earring and said, “Showtime, Synergy! We need a distraction at the other end of the yard!” So Synergy projected some kind of distracting hologram for the reporters to chase, and I’m surprised I didn’t wake up right then laughing uproariously.

Then Pratchett brought out this enormous baby, and ZG and I played with her while the stupid high schoolers wandered off into the next room. After this, there was a brief interval where ZG was no longer ZG but some other woman that was apparently my friend and on whom I’d had a crush for quite some time. I started kissing her, at which she was surprised but apparently pleased.

I told Mr. Pratchett that I was very sad that I’d forgotten to bring my copy of Snuff for him to autograph for me (though in real life I only bought the Kindle edition), and he very kindly said that he would autograph and give me a copy he had lying around the house. So this was a pretty badass dream all ’round. The “Showtime, Synergy!” part was distinctly my favorite, though XD

A dream I had last night was not very coherent, but some parts of it are worth noting. As I went to bed last night, I was thinking about Rose Pale and the epilogue I still haven’t finished, and I’d just had an idea I really liked, and part of the dream was definitely a sort of weird reenactment of that. Also, apparently the boys (possibly even all five of them, though I don’t remember seeing Wufei) had come as strangers to this town, and I think Duo was going to marry the princess? (That was inspired by corpus_yaoi‘s story) And there was religion involved…

I was there, and I got the feeling simultaneously that this was another planet and Jerusalem. And I was all pleased, because I’d always wanted to visit Jerusalem (which in real life I have never particularly been interested in doing). Then the boys and I were going to go to the jungle? Or something? And as we were riding on… something… to get there, Heero kept kissing me. I was reluctant about this for some reason… perhaps it was the looks Duo kept throwing us. So that was that dream.

Man, I have had barely any free moments lately. Before work yesterday and today has been about the extent of it. OK, well, obviously, I spent quite a bit of time on my hair on Sunday morning. Whatevs. I even completely spaced October art exchange, which means I’ll have to sit out November (unless Anke’s really late about starting the round, which isn’t entirely improbable). That will be the first time I’ve ever sat out a round or been more than a few hours late with my picture in the several years I’ve been doing this exchange. Shame on me!!

I think that’s about all I have to say.