I dyed my hair again. I actually really liked the pink and thought it looked good on me; if I hadn’t done such a terrible job on it, I would have left it for a while. But you guys. ZOMG, you guys. I put black on top of it, just intending to have, you know, black. But it turned out this amazingly sort of black cherry purple red black color, and it looks freaking amazing. I am so pleased with it, I don’t even have words. Pictures eventually.

It snowed again Tuesday night, and once again this completely killed business on Wednesday, so I got to stay home again yesterday and it was great. We played video games with Deedle pretty well all day. There’s this one Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game he likes, and also Super Smash Bros. Melee. He plays games… interestingly. You’ll be playing along as usual, and suddenly he’s like, “Let me be you,” and you have to trade controllers with him… so don’t get attached to the character you chose at the beginning.

He also likes to play Mario Kart, but not exactly the way it was intended. He spends the entire time finding water to drive into so Lakitu has to rescue him. In one instance yesterday he spent 45 minutes straight doing this, while I sat by and just marveled at how long and how repetitiously something can continue to be amusing — both to him and to me, since his ability to find entertainment in this so persistently was entertaining to me as well.

We were going to go to Chuck E. Cheese’s last night, but the friends of P that were supposed to call when they were ready to meet there never called. It’s possible we will go tonight instead. It’s also possible that I will go to Denver with Zombie Girl today. It’s unfortunate that I have nothing new to read her on the way up there; I’ve been exclusively editing lately.

So, speaking of Zombie Girl, she recently linked me to Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton), and of course it was awesome. Now, Michael Bolton is one of those artists I’ve only been peripherally aware of — you know, the kind where you know the name and you know you know some songs by him but you can’t bring any to mind, and when you actually hear the songs you’re like, Oh, was that by him? — but when I heard him in this song I was like O___O This guys’s got an amazing voice!! So now I’ve been listening to a playlist of his songs on YouTube to see about that. And it’s terribly amusing to see that the most-liked comment on every single video is something to the purpose of, “Jack Sparrow is better” or “Thumbs up if you got here from Jack Sparrow.”

My thoughts thus far, in case anyone’s interested, is that he definitely has a fantastic voice, but that he sings INSIPID songs (except for the operatic ones, which are badass). Also, his hair cracks me up, and in the live videos when we get to see the audience and it’s a bunch of women about my age wearing the essence of the 80’s made cloth, that cracks me up too. So there you go.

Late art exchange picture is progressing apace, and I’m pleased that it looks quite nice so far. Anke actually emailed me and asked what was going on with me, so it’s possible that I won’t have to sit out the next round after all. That would be nice. Once I’m done with this picture, it is time for Rose Pale chapter ten picture at last. I started the sketch forever ago, but haven’t gotten around to doing real work on it. And weeks are passing quickly! Chapter four tomorrow already?? How can this be! Ooh, chapter four tomorrow. Yay Fridays.

OK, I’m just rambling now. No mas.