OK, I’ve got a million photos randomly floating around from, like, the last year that I haven’t organdized. I should really get on that.

Recently I saw this just to the left of a checkstand at Wal-Mart:

I love that someone kindly put the head at the feet of the statuette. Also, I love that my cell phone camera is farsighted.

This was also at Wal-Mart:

As you can see, somebody decided to help the model in the makeup picture with her lips.

One day I came up the stairs and in the family room I saw this:

I was like, “Mom, why are there tennis balls on the window?” And she’s like, “*rolleyes* Dad.” I laughed so much.

This one is from much earlier this year:

The best part about that awesome Spider-Man car (at the cheap movie theater) is that Spider-Man just disappears into solid plastic below his torso. I had to get a picture.

This is at the Honda place Zombie Girl used to go to:

I love it because it says “Pull Foward” on a closed door. It’s like, “Yes, my children, have faith. Pull forward, and all shall be made clear.”

Once upon a time, I was sitting out in the sun in a lawn chair in the sandbox, and a bunny came and rested placidly nearby:

Once at a shitty job I used to have I came upon this in the break room:

So straightforward, yet so random.

And speaking of straightforward…

…buy a bag of wood!!

And once I saw all the ants in the world on my driveway:

And more than once I saw deers in the yard, because they are there all the freaking time.

And no photodump would be complete without several images of cat, so here are several images of cat: