I dreamed that there were fishies! And it was my job to write about them on the surface of the water with a sharp writing-on-water tool. But one of the fishies thought the point of the writing tool was a food, and he kept biting at it. I was worried because he was going to hurt himself on it. I also dreamed that I got a bunny. And there was this old man making the same joke over and over again, and I was running out of polite ways to appear amused at it.

I just realized that my little clock has stopped ticking T__T The pendulum is still swinging, but it’s not making any noise. I wonder why. I think I grabbed the battery I put in it out of my mom’s table drawer upstairs, so maybe it’s dying. The time still seems to be right, though… Well, the minute hand, anyway; the hour hand has never worked, and always points at six.

Rose Pale epilogue is cooperating finally. I figured it would if I got a running start (i.e. edited all the chapters in order up to that part). Also I finished my picture for chapter ten, so good jobon that. I’ll probably draw the picture for chapter twelve next, and I found a good model for that. Actually, maybe I’ll start that today. Depends on what the epilogue feels like doing.

OK, making this entry has gotten really boring.