It’s a bit of a surprise, actually, that I’ve managed to collect these pictures so soon after the events in question. Usually it takes, like, a year. Anyway, here are hair pictures. First is the blonde — after bleach but before dye — that I should never be:

The lighting in the bathroom turns everything gold, for some reason, but it gives a decent impression, I think. Then next we have a couple of views of the pink:

Pookster took that picture when Deedle and I (and Lester and Zombie Girl) were about to go out trick-or-treating. She made me take my glasses off because I guess there was glare or something. Then here are a couple I took before I dyed it again, just to be sure I had some:

OK, that second one is really more a picture of my cat. Isn’t she so freaking cute?????????????? Anyway, then I put black on top of it, and was surprised and delighted at the result:

OH LOOK IT’S BABY WYWIC. She is also so cute ^___^

I love that one because of my mom’s face. But this one that I just took, like, ten minutes ago gives the best idea of the actual color of my hair:

Finally, I tried to get a shot of the bulk of my hair in back… but I’d already returned downstairs, and it’s so hard to get anything decent in my badly-lit room. So these colors are misleading, but it looked so damn cool that here it is anyway: