(1) Think of up to 20 ships you support.
(2) List them using descriptions of the characters involved rather than their names.
(3) Have your flist guess as many of the ships as they can.

I should really be being productive, but I wanted to do this meme. PAIRINGS TIME. I suppose I will give some clues. 11 fandoms are represented here; there are only 3 canonical pairings; there are at least 3 of the same pairings used by the person I stole this from. Also, there is no consistency whatsoever with parts of speech in these descriptions, and I was kinda getting bored by the end, which is why there are only 16 listed and some of the descriptions are really short. Whatevs. Have at!

1. Spoiled, rich, more than a bit empty inside / Former illiterate street punk
2. A glimpse of the future / The taste of fresh honey
3. Absolutely good but rarely kind / Angry determination and simultaneous enjoyment of life
4. Slightly off-balance due to wrongful imprisonment / Has the worst PMS you can imagine (guessed by fe)
5. Improbable genius (well, in some areas) / Adorable and unexpectedly smooth badass
6. God’s gift to women (…and men… and kenjutsu… and pottery…) / Poised, elegant doctor (guessed by aceofshrubs)
7. Cardboard soles / Most awesome damsel in distress EVAR (guessed by aceofshrubs)
8. Quick-witted, practical, brave red-head / Placid, wide-eyed eccentricity
9. Heartbroken deadpan / Murderous smiling innocent
10. 20% cooler / Hard-headed honesty (guessed by crystal_lilly)
11. Flamboyant collector, possibly all talk / Charming cross-dresser
12. Not a robot, despite initial impressions / Intensely alive (guessed by sharona1x2)
13. Totally has sexual tension with his brother / Used to sleep with his sister (guessed by crystal_lilly)
14. The wind / The sea
15. Technically over a thousand years old, upright and responsible / Smart, effective, unflappable cop
16. Stoicism incarnate / The gentlest killer (guessed by sharona1x2)