OK, let’s have an entry. I keep opening the window to make one, and then being like -__- and going back to bed or whatever.

On Wednesday at work there was SUDDEN DOOM PAIN LIKE MAGIC APPEARS. Last time this happened I was at home, and lay down immediately; this time, being at work, I had to keep standing and walking and shit, and this brought on a whole delightful set of extra symptoms. There was amazing nausea and dizziness and headachiness, and my whole body was shaking… the best part, though, was that my hands were tingling and locking up.

Fortunately, Wednesday had been extremely slow, but a customer did come in while I was thus suffering. She took one look at me and declared that she could pick up her clothes another time and that I needed to go lie down. Also fortunately, this didn’t happen until boss had arrived; I can’t imagine what I would have done if I’d been alone. I told boss that I needed to leave, and he seemed fine with that. I didn’t feel safe to drive, though, so I called my mom — another fortuitous circumstance was that my dad was out of town and therefore his car was at home. So mom and Lesta came and picked me and the other car up.

Yeah, so, ruptured ovarian cysts. AGAIN. Fuck this shit; this is twice in a year. I was on birth control for about six months after the last instance, but decided I couldn’t (or at least shouldn’t) spare the money for it… but you know what? Fuck this shit. I’ll pick up Friday’s paycheck tomorrow, and probably head to Safeway on the way home to get that prescription refilled. Because seriously? Never again.

I called off work both Friday and Saturday, which, with what I missed on Wednesday, adds up to sixteen missed hours and probably a huge pain in the ass for my co-workers. But that whole not-being-able-to-sit-up-let-alone-stand makes the thought of even a four hour shift positively unbearable. I just hope they don’t give me a hard time about it tomorrow.

I’m still in a little discomfort, but it feels more like regular menstrual cramps now instead of RAGING DEATH IN MY ABDOMEN. Hopefully by tomorrow it’ll be completely gone. Aaargh. Fuck this shit.

On the plus side, I read Sun and Shade (on my cell phone, lying down), got some definitive work done on Nightweight (on my cell phone, lying down), read three Sherlock Holmes books (not on my cell phone but still lying down), and started my DiscoPie story (as previously specified).

One evening Zombie Girl was kind enough to bring me delicious stuff and watch a movie with me (I lying down), and my family was also very nice and brought me stuff. But seriously. What a damn stupid waste of four days.