Can YOU think inside a chimney?

I am so excited about going to Las Vegas this week, I’ve been dwelling on it off and on all day. I’ve never been to Vegas before! I’ve managed to save a little money in case there are any awesome things I want to buy whilst I am there, so yay on that.

Today I have put fresh red dye in my hair, and I think it looks pretty nice. I will wear a green shirt and it will be teh Christmas clashation. I haven’t found a Christmas tie, though… once upon a time, many years ago, I bought one for my dad that was the greatest tie ever, and sometimes I daydream about stealing that. It’s bothersome not to have a Christmas tie; I don’t even have anything in the appropriate colors. But I suppose I will probably survive without one.

You know what drives me up the wall? When I go to check whether the washer and dryer are available, and I find the dryer full… and then the next time I check, that same load is still in there, only some pieces have been removed… and then the next time, there are even fewer… and I realize that somepony is living out of the dryer instead if removing his clothing so that, you know, other people that live in the house can use the laundry room at some point >_<

Well, I’ve finished my Rose Pale preparations for vacating, and I really like how the picture turned out, so good jobon me on that. Now I have to figure out what else I need to do before we go. What story or stories shall I work on during story-workable times whilst I am there? This question would be easily answered if I’d made any significant progress on my next big story… or figured out which of the stories I’m working on is my next big story. Well, I suppose I’ll look through stuff I’ve got in progress and see what looks promising.

8 thoughts on “Can YOU think inside a chimney?

  1. Guess what?? I’m all caught up on your story!!! *bounce* I left you a lot of comments, too. *smile*

    I hope you have an amazing vacation – I’ve never been to Las Vegas either, so I don’t know how the reality compares to the hype. You’ll have to tell us all about it when you get back. *grin*

  2. I hope you have a great time in Las Vegas! I’ve been there once, and there’s so many interesting (and free!) things to do. I think I spent most of my money on food. I had to get blue and purple M&Ms while I was there. ;-)

    I’m sure whatever story you work on next, people will be happy to read it. If it’s GW, you know I’ll be there.

  3. are you doing Cirque do Soleil? That’s the only reason I even went to Las Vegas forever ago, and probably the only reason to go back (well, except for the atmosphere…kind of like Disney, but rather more leery than cheery)

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